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Behind closed doors

By Yetunde Arebi

Sometimes last  year, a story brokeout in Lagos social circle of how an unsuspecting wife intercepted a sms message from her friend to her husband. On face value you may readily ask, “and so what?” But the story was not that simple. The women involved were very close friends and had been so for a couple of years even though there was a distinct age difference between them. The older woman, an older horse in social circles, had taken the younger one under her wings , integrating and helping her navigate the delicate waters of high class social life. To assist her cope with the high financial cost of keeping up appearances at social gatherings and life generally, the older friend and of course, more comfortable woman often assisted her friend with money some of the time. The two families were quite close, almost like blood relatives.  
However, no one ever suspected that between the older rich man and the younger woman, was a web of lies and deceit of the most wicked nature.

Steady relationship

They were having a steady, steamy, sexual relationship unknown to their unsuspecting partners. So, as  this young lady benefited from her older friend, so did she also curry favour from her friend’s husband with the aid of her body.

However, as the saying goes, every day for the thief, one day for the owner. The two women had gone out on a shopping spree one day. And while the older woman was busy picking fabrics and paying for them, her friend was busy texting away, giving report of their activities to the woman’s husband. She gave a detailed list of the number of fabrics her friend bought; a list of the “few” she bought for her, which she did not even like, the ones she had spotted and loved and would love to come back to the shop to buy for herself, the cost implication of what she wanted and how and when  they were to meet to collect the money. The most interesting part of it was  that even though she got no response, she went on sending sms after sms to her supposed lover. What the young friend did not know was that, her older friend had mistakenly picked her husband’s phone when she left home that morning. So, while she thought her lover was getting the messages, they were actually being received by her friend.

On concluding their transactions, the older friend decided to check the messages that had accumulated on her phone only to discover they were from her friend seated right beside her.

Her first reaction was to ask why she was sending her messages when they are together. Naturally, her friend’s reaction was also to  deny same. but no sooner has she, did she also  realise  the blunder she had made and the most embarrassing  drama that was about to unfold before her. The game was over.

The older woman broke down in tears as the shop owner and her attendants looked on in amazement. Of course, our wayward, greedy woman tried to pin her evil act on the devil but it did not work. She was left on her knees as she shamefully pleaded with her friend for forgiveness. She has since lost her home and her lover who naturally chose to remain with his wife of many years and struggles, over their unholy alliance.

Incidents such as this are not uncommon, the actors may just be lucky once in a while to escape the embarrassment of being caught in the  game. Not being caught also does not however diminish the guilt, if one is without a conscience. The above story sets the template for which our issue of discourse will take.

Begining from today, you will be reading the narratives of some of our respondents who shared their experiences with us. For some , it was exciting and fun while it lasted and for others, well……, not so wonderful after all. Happy reading!     

Adeola, 34, a Pharmasist, narrates one of her biggest escapades as a single girl. She says they all still see each other even though the affair ended some years back. Her story: We were introduced at a party by his cousin. I’d noticed him even in the crowd almost immediately on our arrival as he was actually very good looking. We each stole a few glances at each other and I knew he found me attractive too. As the party progressed, my friend, his cousin informed me that his cousin fancied me a lot and has requested to be acquainted with me. She however warned me not to take him seriously. According to her, he is maried with a three year old son. The wife could not attend because she is ill. However, if I wish, I could just string him on for his money as he had just arrived from England and was still loaded with Pound Sterling.

So, I made up my mind to just enjoy his company while the party lasted. But things did not work out as simple as that as I ended up dating him for over a year. That is, until my husband came back from England too. I was not married at the time. I just had a steady relationship with someone who might be cheating on me too somewhere for all I knew. So, I was invited to a seat beside him even though we were already sharing the same table with some other  friends and family members.

I later learnt he had come to settle down in the country with his family. I was happy that he was not in the country for just some kind of holidays and that we would be able to see a lot of each other. We exchanged profiles and chatted as if we’d known each other for ages, you know, we just blended.

When we stepped on to the dance floor, he showered me with a lot of money but I wasn’t really surprised because I already knew he has a lot of money. By the time we left the party, we’d both agreed to have lunch together the following week.

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