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US assures Nigerians on painless visa process

By Vera Samuel  Anyagafu

NIGERIANS, who seek to migrate to the United States under its various visa categories, would henceforth, worry less over visa procurement, as they have been assured of a smooth and successful visa processing.

The assurance was made by the U.S Consul General, Jeffery Hawkins, during a meeting to usher in United States bi-national commission’s build-up dialogue with the Nigerian government. The development would ensure that every Nigerian who intends to migrate to the U.S for various reasons are given special consideration, given the fact that both countries have maintained consistent and cordial bi-national relations in various key areas of their economies.

Hawkins who indicated that Nigeria was the United States’ most important partner in Africa, given its demonstration of a high degree of friendship, trust and cooperation for tangible progress on critical issues of both countries’ mutual interest, added, “For Nigerians who wish to visit the United States, my goal is to ensure that the visa application process comes as painless and pleasant as possible. This is because we have invested in new staff, installed new equipment and overhauled our processes, so as to provide Nigerian visa applicants with the best of visa services.”

He also stated that, “The wait time for non-immigrant visa appointment is now just a fraction of what it once was, in order to ensure that Nigerians are not kept waiting for more than they would want to.”

The consul general who expressed the need for applicants to desist from submitting fraudulent documentation, the number one reason for denial visa, implored all intending visa applicants to ensure that they provide the consulate with authentic and stipulated visa requirements in order to avoid visa denial or ban as the case may be.

In other words, applicants who submit fraudulent documentations to the U.S Consulate for their visa processing would have to accommodate the sad end that such singular action would cause them.

It is important for applicants to note that the U.S consulate has several detective devices to ensure that they process only documentations from the right Nigerian issuing authorities.

In view of the foregoing, therefore, applicants who provide fraudulent documentations and or uncompleted embassy stipulated requirements in relation to required visa types, are bound to either have their visa application returned or denied.


1.5m Nigerians grow US economy

IT is estimated that more than 1.5 million Nigerians resident in the U.S, and about 31,000 United States citizens resident in Nigeria, have invested enormously to the growth of the economies of both countries.

This number of Nigerians reportedly migrate to the U.S yearly, as immigrants, tourists, students and workers, and presently. Nigeria has about 7,000 of its bright young populace pursuing higher education in various academic fields in universities across the U.S.

The engagement may have contributed to the U.S government’s proposed invitation of a very special set of young Nigerians with track records of leadership and services to their communities to visit the U.S in 2014, through the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders platform.

Under the platform, selected fellows will be moved to top American universities for trainings in entrepreneurship, management and leadership. This is expected to be seconded with internship and job opportunities at top companies in Africa.

These commitments to an extent confirm the fact that both countries are seriously engaged in efforts aimed at promoting cordial bi-national relationships to achieve good and productive ideas, which in turn they both would benefit from.

United States consul general in Nigeria, Mr. Jeffrey Hawkins, told Vanguard, “Each year, a handful of young officers at the Consulate mentor and support 15 young Nigerians who have ideas for community service projects. Subsequently, the United States Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative, CYFI, and the results regularly astound me, because the Carrington fellows have touched the lives of tens of thousands of their fellow Nigerians, and they have themselves developed into more capable and confident leaders.”


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