August 9, 2013

Glo X Factor: Smooth Boiz bow out

Glo X Factor: Smooth Boiz bow out

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By Ayo Onikoyi

Luck has finally run out on the Smooth Boiz who were voted out by the judges after standing trial for two consecutive weeks as one of the last two least voted contestants.

The Smooth Boiz ran the last test of their run in the reality show alongside the Symphony who have also being at the rock bottom for the second week running.

Before a live audience on Friday, it looked like luck might again come to the rescue for the boys, but then they were standing at the exit door with the Symphony, who also needed all the luck they could get. Like a penalty shoot-out in a game of soccer, somebody must just take the fall.

It was left to the 3 judges, Onyeka Onwenu, Reggie Rockstone and MI to vote one group out. A tough task that got Onyeka, who had to make the first call, in a bit of a twist. She voted Smooth Boiz to a quaking roar from the crowd. That was the closest the Smooth Boiz got to making it back to the show as MI and Reggie, who voted in that respective order voted the Symphony.

Well, this rather sad scenario played out after the two groups have done their last performances to woo the judges. Though, a good chunk of the audience thought the Smoot Boiz were hard done by the judges because there was a palpating feeling they gave a better show than the Symphony on their last outing. Hey, Reggie and MI have been around long enough to know who should stay or go.

They left the stage for backstage and were supposed to be back pronto for the last act. But the Smooth Boiz took their time. At a point people thought the boys have lost their hearts to turn up any act because it couldn’t have been changing from one costume to another that took that long.

Anyway, nobody could pass up the change of winning 24 million and a record contract with internationally known Sony Music without having some horrors or living with the consternation of having passing up an opportunity of a lifetime.

Even, the sense of loss from the audience became a tension that could be felt like a blow in the face when the Smooth Boiz came   back on stage for what was their farewell act and the quartet pulled an outstanding performance that must have gnawed at Reggie’s and MI’s heart for having to let the group go.