May 7, 2013

Teera-Ue, community without health facilities cries out

Teera-Ue, community without health facilities cries out

Health centre


PEOPLE of “Teera-Ue”, a community in Ken-Khana in Khana Local Government Area of Rivers State  have cried out over the total absence of health facilities in the area.

The coastal community which is bordered by several oil wells spreading from Kpean Community also decrys the high rate of maternal and child deaths within the locality.

In an encounter, the Public Relations Officer/Chief Security Officer Mr. Ben Kpikah told Good Health Weekly  that  the people of the community have suffered for long.

“Government appears to have forgotten we live here as there is nothing to show we are part of Khana LGA and Rivers State. He lamented that the community lacks social amenities such as hospitals, electricity, schools, potable water and roads. “This is how we live. We’re about 2,000 in this village.

The road  here was constructed by Shell and now the road is very bad. We don’t have any hospital in this village, no Chemist too. Sometimes people die before they reach hospital in Bori (about 35 kilometres away) or go to buy medicine in Kpean (about nine kilometres away) and come back. The only thing we have is an uncompleted community primary school building built with two classrooms shared by all the students from Primary one to six without enough desks to seat on.

“Please, help us tell government and people who  can help that we want water, hospitals, schools, electricity and motorable roads. We hereby call on  Khana Local Government Council, the Rivers State Government and relevant agencies to come to the aid of Teera-Ue community and provide the people with potable drinking water, roads and health facilities,” he remarked.