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Don’t make babies here, Mayor pleads

By Onochie Anibeze reporting form London (Onochie Anibeze Diary)
July 31, London: Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London was first spotted at the world stage in Beijing Olympics when, pocket in hand, he took the Olympics flag as host of the next games.

In London here he is well known for funny quotes. He has spoken well of London and the windows for investment, hoping that even after the games, the  Olympics would have created over three thousand jobs and hundreds of million pounds investment.

But his words to athletes are still making the rounds here. Recalling that 150,000 condoms were exhausted in Beijing at the Games Village, he told the athletes that “our motto is to inspire a generation and not to create one”. There are 10,000 athletes and about 5,000 officials in the village.

It is estimated that London Olympics will beat the record of Beijing in the use of condoms and the mayor is aware of the implications of high population because the users of the condoms or fun-seeking athletes and officials do not restrict themselves to the Games Village. And that’s why he is appealing to athletes and everybody here for the Olympics not to create another generation.

The Mayor in a way was pleading with the athletes not to make babies here and increase their population.

Food, a threat to our athletes

July 31, London:Victor Onagagamue, the Director of Sports Development in Delta State raised an issue at the Holiday Inn in Hammersmith yesterday. He sat by Falilat Ogunkoya and Sunday Uti, two Olympic Bronze Medalists here for the London Games. Nigerian athletes are known for voracious eating in games like the ongoing Olympics. Many courses of meals are served and the athletes help themselves to their own detriment.

On stage, too much food weighs them down. Onagagamue was not happy that nobody is controlling the Nigerian athletes. Falilat counseled  that at the level of Olympics top athletes should be able to show discipline in the restaurants. She recalled that she has seen officials managing Jamaican athletes even in restraints where they accompany athletes to eat and return to their room.

This is to ensure the athletes don’t exceed bounds as far as feeding is concerned. They serve everything you want at the Village. MCDonalds are one of the sponsors of the games and they serve athletes whatever they want here.

Ogagamgamue feels that food could be part of our problem here. He is right.

What fear did to a Nigerian Boxer

July 31, London:The boxers Nigeria presented here were so awful that this reporter boasted to a few Nigerians here that he could beat them up.

It has just been revealed that one of the boxers was “dead” before his fight. His Blood Pressure rose to 180/100 just before he was pummeled and mercilessly beaten up. It was revealed that the boxer was fine and the cause of his sudden rise in blood pressure just before the fight was attributed to fear. Who brought such a man to the Olympics? Standards have fallen in many areas of our sports.

Poor Nigerian journalists

When Mitchel Obi, ace sports commentator, complained that the performance of Nigerian athletes here has made him cold and affected his reportage, Duro Ighazuagbe of Thisday reminded him that he had just finished discussing the problem with this reporter.

Football, Nigeria’s number one sport, did not qualify to be at the games and the other athletes who have competed here performed woefully. This has not fired up the Nigerian journalists who now, like millions of Nigerians, bank on track and field to provide them succour and the excitement that the Olympics is known for.

“It will be nice to write good stories; on victories and not about poor performance every time,” Duro said

British support in face medal scarcity

Helen Glover and Heather Stanning have shown what great inspiration can do to athletes. From the Royal family to the Prime Minister and Mayor of London the whole country have been on their knees begging British athletes to give them their first gold. A few slips have denied them gold in some of their key sports and  tension enveloped the whole country as the Games got into the 5th day. There were 28,000 grandstand fans at the Eton Dome to cheer the women Rowers in the Women’s Pair.

The crowd cheered and cheered. Among them were Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry and the Princess Royal.

Glover and Stanning took the lead from the start, powering on in a great show of strenth. The crowd at the venue was so ecstatic but they were not alone. The whole country tunned on and cheered from everywhere. Britain was charged and the rowers knew the expectations. They sprinted into clear water lead by the 500m time-check and held through to halfway. But this lead did not make the crowd to be complacent.

They needed to push them as world champions New Zealand had the capability to catch up with them. And interestingly, when the rowers hit the wall of sound generated by the fans they extended the lead by two lengths and ended up winners.

They were great, sensational but Britain has shown how great support can inspire victory. The winners were not only the athletes but also the fans. Australia beat New Zealand to the silver.


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