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By Tola

We are truly a great nation. And I believe what the polls say – we’ve got to be the happiest people on the face of the earth in spite of everything we’ve been through. What else can account for our disposition? It doesn’t matter how painful or senseless or stupid or unfair it is (whatever ‘it’ is at the time’ as a nation we just keep sucking it up.

Like the inexplicable rise in the cost of consumer goods around this time of year, it looks like we’ve accepted suicide bombings as part of our current day existence without so much as a whimper. In a space of months what we all said was impossible has become a regular occurrence so much so that when another one occurs we all (perhaps with the exception of the victims and their immediate family) pause for a moment, say a collective heartfelt ‘ehya!’, shake our fists in impotent anger at the ‘faceless attackers’ then go back to whatever it was we were doing, pretending it’s not happening or wishing it away or at best hoping the attacks would be few and far between.

In the last few months they have become more brazen; and why not? If an attempt can be made on the IG’s life in broad day light in the state capital then what is a few measly police stations in the out back? Frankly speaking, who’s going to stop them, you and I? We have no control over security apparatus and though I know our pain is acute and indignation deep, I don’t see us taking up arms against the Boko Haram. Which frankly we shouldn’t have to seeing as this is job for the police and military combined.

The police seem to be doing everything –extortion, extra judicial killings, harassing innocent, law abiding citizens, aiding and abetting criminals- everything else except their primary assignment which is keeping the peace and ensuring the sanctity of lives. I fail to understand why considering that they are one of the bombers favourite targets. You would have thought that that fact would change their approach but for where.

Even more fascinating though is that the carnage and the wanton and indiscriminate loss of innocent lives hasn’t stopped the wheeling and dealing. The people who control the apparatus of state are still perambulating and making feeble attempts at steering the nation while the looting and bleeding of this great nation’s wealth is going on steady in the name of all kinds of funds and schemes and subsidies. Are they not alive to this real and present danger? Or is it not a real and present danger? Is there something they know that we don’t? While it might not be religious I don’t think should be dismissed as political. This is an extreme security breach, pure and simple.

So; as we firmly take our place amongst the comity of terrorists’ nations what next? What if these extremist become really ambitious and attempt to take their particular brand of poison outside their immediate locale, what then?

May the Good Lord keep us one and all in these precarious times…


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