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You can be a highflier!

By David Oyedepo

Right from the days of creation, everything God made was by His wisdom. Divine wisdom is the   epitome of exploits. Everything answers to the operation and manifestation of divine wisdom. Indeed, supernatural wisdom is real!

Wisdom from above makes highfliers (Daniel 12:3). Wisdom from above generates mighty and inexplicable works (Matthew 13:54). So, set yourself for an impart-ation of supernatural wisdom. This is because the Word of God is coming with the anointing, and if you open your heart and you are sensitive to it, you will be im-parted for a supernatural turnaround.

We discover from scriptures that exploits answer large-ly to the operation and manifestation of divine wisdom. The most historical of all is the exploits of creation. “The Lord by wisdom has founded the earth and by understanding has he established the heaven”. (Proverbs 3:19).

What is wisdom? Wisdom is knowing the right thing to do from God, and doing it. It is knowing the right step to take from God, and taking it. It is knowing the right way to turn from God, and turning there. That is divine wisdom! Divine wisdom puts you in restful command. It differentiates one believer from the other. It is what differentiates the rich from the poor, and success from failure. No wonder, the Bible says: “Wisdom is the principal thing…”

(Proverbs 4:8-9). I want you to know that divine wisdom is a gift! It cannot be accessed by gold, silver, pearls or corals. So, you are either given or you don’t have it. It cannot be bought with money, because it is priceless. It is simply the gift of God.

Four categories of wisdom: These are found in James 3:15-17.

Earthly wisdom (com-mon wisdom); Sensual—Intellectual sense; Devil-ish—diabolical and Wisd-om from above. John 3:31 says: “… What-ever is from above is above all.” So, the wisdom from above is above all other kinds of wisdom, and it’s the one you are hooking unto right now. God has reserved the strongest wave of divine wisdom for the end-time Church (Ephesians 3:8-11). It’s going to be the mystery behind the promotion of the end-time Church. It’s a gift!

Some beneficiaries of the gift of divine wisdom are:
Joseph: Wisdom from above, which is above all, supernaturally positioned Joseph above all the intellectual juggernauts in Egypt (Genesis 41:38-39). Joseph recognized the source of that wisdom (Genesis 41:16). It is this wisdom that converted Joseph the prisoner into a prime minister.

Solomon: God gave Solomon wisdom (I Kings 4:29). Because that wisdom was creative, it was never stranded. He was wiser than all men (I Kings 4:31). Why? The wisdom came from above. Whatever is from above is above all (John 3:31).

Daniel: God gave him wisdom. Also, the Hebrew boys enjoyed this gift, which made them to be 10 times better than all the magicians and astrologers (Daniel 1:20). An excellent spirit was in Daniel (Daniel 6:3). This Spirit of wisdom made him relevant for 65 years, and he flourished under three kings. If you need divine wisdom, you go for it (Proverbs 8:17; James 1:5).

Job: The wisdom of God enlarged the coast of Job (Job 29:3-18). Access to the secret of God made a star of him. The secret of God came upon him and he became the greatest of all men in the East. Divine wisdom made him a legend and he was in command.

Abraham: Abraham’s greatness came alive at 75. The wisdom of God showed him where to go and what steps to take. No wonder, he was rich in cattle, silver and gold (Genesis 13:2). Supernatural wisdom, which is real, comes from God.

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