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Search for a new Fela begins

Afro Beat, the genre of music that Fela Anukulapo-Kuti invented and promoted to international renown, has enjoyed increasing global acceptance even after the demise of Fela in recent times.

Most recently, Broadway, New York , has popularised  Fela’s work with its show of the lives of the musical legend.  Studies on the life and works of Fela are gaining interests abroad.

However, back home in Nigeria where Fela lived and plied his wares, Afro Beat is on the verge of extinction.
Since his demise, there are only a handful of bands that are playing Afro Beat.  No new band of repute (or promise) has joined the scene in the past 10 years.

And if the situation is not corrected, Afro Beat may soon become music played only abroad, a big loss to Nigeria – and Africa .

On this premise, Mavina Entertainment Limited, a Lagos based entertainment outfit  has concluded plan to introduce  “The Next Afro-Beat Star”, a TV musical reality talent hunt show to create the next generation of Afro Beat stars who will sustain interest in this genre of music.

Speaking to the media during the week, the company’s project Director, Mr. Rotimi Adewusi posited that “The Next Afro Beat Star project. aims at arousing, sustaining, and retaining interests in this genre of music.

Designed to run in two phases for 26 weeks, The Next Afro-Beat star begins in the first phase with a 13-week episodes that include regional competition and the final. This phase will be shown on some select TV network in the country.

The second phase will be a national tour of the top winners and some select top Afro-Beat exponents “
The man who emerges winner as the Next Afro-Beat star according to Mr. Adewusi, smiles home with cash, a car, a recording deal and the opportunity of an international release.

The first and second runners-up will also go home with different cash prizes.

Kelly handsome turns film producer, writes his memoir

By Charles Mgbolu

Kelechi Ogbonna Orji, popularly known as Kelly Handsome will not stop being in the news.

Recently, the media was awash with reports of an alleged controversial diss record tracks released by Kelly and social networking tweets and which is said to be suggestive of Kelly’s attacking other  singers like M I, Terry G and the Mo Hits crew.

But reacting to the reports, during an encounter with Weekend Groove, Kelly advised his fans to disregard the reports, adding that “it was an attack meant to tarnish his image.

The handsome singer also disclosed his desire to branch into film making.

According to him, he is planning to a shoot a movie that will affect the society positively. “Whatever movie I am going to shoot, it must one that will affect the society positively.” he echoed.

Adding, he said, “already I am getting calls and I have scriptwriters who are already working on a story. I am not looking for sponsors of my movie. And I intend the shoot the movie outside the shores of this country. He refused to speak further on the project, but rather muted “I don’t like talking about a project in the pipeline.”

Kelly also hinted that he is writing his autobiography, which he hopes to present to the public soonest. “I’ve written two or three books on my life. I’ve been working on this particular books for the past four years. It’s all about my experience and how I came from nothing to something” he told Weekend Groove

UK court clears Okposo of  racism

Singer Sammie Okposo has been cleared of making racist comments in an Aberdeen Restaurant during his honeymoon last year.

Okposo was discharged and acquitted of all charges on April 8, 2011 at exactly 11.30am (U.K time) by the presiding judge in Aberdeen court. The judge said all evidences brought against him are insufficient, incoherent and baseless.

The most surprising aspect of the court proceedings was that Okposo wasn’t called upon at any time by the judge to step into the witness box. The judge pronounced his judgement after Okposo’s lawyer, Ms Val Bremmer from Mackie and Dewar Solicitors cross examined the manager and the assistant manager of Jimmy Chung Restaurant and discovered that their testimonies were incoherent.


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