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Daniel exonerates Obasanjo from Ogun PDP crisis

Kolade Larewaju
ABEOKUTA – GOVERNOR Olugbenga Daniel of Ogun State yesterday exonerated former President Olusegun Obasanjo from the crisis rocking the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] in the state saying people including Minister of Industries; Senator Jubril Martins-Kuye were only using his name to cause trouble.

Daniel also declared that the Action Congress of Nigeria [ACN] had never defeated the PDP in any popular election adding that the party had always claimed victory through the courts making the judiciary its strength.

Daniel in a live interview on the State owned Radio Station, Gateway Radio titled “Lets talk about it” said that people should not link the name of former President Obasanjo to the crisis within the party because his achievements in the country has surpassed that of any other person of Yoruba extraction but that some people were using his name to create chaos in the party.

He said “the like of Kuye [Martins-Kuye] are using Obasanjo’s name and they are dragging it in the mud. The challenge of our country is that while we all agree that our country has not been governed well, those agencies that should be agents of progressive change, the security, media and judiciary have become agents of status quo. They are supporting what they should be fighting against.

“In 2002 when I joined the PDP, there was no party. It was a tattered organization. We brought sanity into and gave due respect to people we met there and whatever they asked for; we gave them. We had our eyes on the reorganization of the party which we have done. They then woke up one day and say they are founding fathers. A party that cannot win election.”

Speaking on the ACN, Governor Daniel said that the strength of the party was in the judiciary and that the party had never defeated the PDP in any popular election adding that the judiciary should only order reruns and should not give victory in the court. He said “in any rerun that was conducted, the PDP had won all including that of Ido Osi, the House of Representatives rerun in Ibeju/Lekki and just last month another House of Assembly election in Ikorodu.

“Whenever you have any issue to be sorted out in court, ACN has been winning. That is the pattern. If we say what we are practicing is democracy, the power of the judiciary should be limited to where they have issues over election, it should order a rerun. The so called victory of ACN in the south west is a judicial victory.”


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