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How Car tracker foils car snatching attempt

By Evelyn Usman
Technology was at work last week when a car tracking device foiled the snatching of an exotic Audi Q7 car by armed robbers.

The six-man robbery gang that specialised in snatching vehicles, had at about 10.30pm Wednesday last week, struck at Tabade junction in Bariga area of Lagos, snatching two vehicles; an exotic Audi Q7 jeep and another Hummer bus  from their unsuspecting victims.

The robbers who eyewitness account said fired into the air to wade off intruders reportedly locked owners of the vehicles, inside their respective booths as they zoomed off , shooting indiscriminately.

Unfortunately, driver of the new hummer bus whose identity could not be ascertained was said to have died apparently out of shock and suffocation  after both victims were dropped off somewhere around Idiroko, in Ogun state at about 1.30am, while the robbers vanished with both vehicles.

However, the good news is that the Audi Q7 jeep was later recovered by policemen from Bariga division in Lagos , who reportedly traced it to where it was abandoned at Aga Olomo Junction near Idiroko,  Ogun state.
The recovery  as gathered, was aided by a car tracking device which was installed in the Audi Q7 vehicle , while the hummer bus had reportedly not been recovered as at time of writing this report.

It was gathered that immediately the car was snatched, owner of the Audi Q7 jeep simply identified as  Alhaji Sule, quickly sent a text message to his wife, hinting her of the development while in the booth, before the phone was collected from him by the robbers

Explaining how the car was demobilized on motion, president and founder of PEBON Worldwide Solutions Limited, an advanced vehicle Security and tracking technology Provider, Mr Bonny Peter, hinted that immediately his office was contacted, the stolen vehicle was monitored on the computer until it was eventually demobilized after their client was dropped off.

According to him, “ a team of specialists from our company,  in conjunction with the Lagos State Police Command (Bariga Divisional headquarters) worked tirelessly at the background to ensure that Alhaji did not only come home safely but that the robbers did not succeed in taking the car to their intended destination.”.

“as our usual practice, all our men manning our 24_hour help desk nationwide were alerted. Our first assignment was to dig into our clients database to retrieve Alhaji’s record and to get in direct contact with the car through our online tracking centre and mobile navigation unit which serve as our command and control base station.  We succeeded in establishing contact with the vehicle while they were in transit. We do not need to stop the vehicle right away so as to ensure the safety of our client.

This is very paramount in our strategy. Hence, after he was released, we eventually stopped the car at Aga Olomo Junction near Idiroko. Seeing that they could no longer start the car anymore, they eventually fled and abandoned the car.

“We were  not alone in the rescue operation. After confirming that Alhaji had been dropped off, policemen from  Bariga divisional went  in a hot pursuit of the gang and also arranged to pick our client up, who at that time  must have been traumatized by the whole incident.


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