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Congress plans to stop NFA election

By Onochie Anibeze
The Congress of the Nigeria Football Federation will hold tomorrow in Abuja but there are doubts that  their much talked about elections will hold.

Facts emerging from the scheming going round indicate that the change Nigerians are craving for will not happen if the elections hold.

This is not about government influence or interference which might not be ruled out. But the feelers are coming from some state FA chairmen who are delegates to the congress. They are the ones who will vote.

“As it is today, if the elections hold, there will be no change. It will be a continuation of the outgoing board. Their members will be returned and the President of the Federation will be worse than all the past boards Nigeria ever had. Nothing will change and Nigerians will begin to lament of mediocrity and general incompetence again.

The scheming has gone on well for them and the elections will not change anything,” one state FA chairman revealed last night.

Another FA chairman, in a separate chat, confirmed the fears of his colleague and put his this way:

“The election is now a matter of scratch my back and I’ll scratch your back. The FA chairman of a North East State who holds sway now has succeeded in getting most of the state FA chairmen to vote for him and if they do he would ensure that all of them are returned as FA chairmen.

That is the situation as at today. If there’s class in what they are planning, if the people concerned have quality then we will not be complaining. Some of us are against them but they are in the majority. The leadership of the new FA will totally destroy Nigerian football and the elections must not hold now if we are to have quality FA,” the man from South East said.

Abuja sources confirmed this and further revealed that reason has prevailed for the proper thing to be done. And that, by their interpretation, is for the Congress itself to decide not to hold the election.

No interference or influence can be read from this as the Congress is the highest football authority.

This decision can be taken on the floor of the Congress. And for credible election, one devoid of power of incumbency to hold, the board of Aminu Maigari may not be allowed to stay on. A Normalcy Committee may be appointed in line with FIFA rules.

The Congress will take this decision and it will be binding on all. The NFF Executive were already discussing this in their meeting last night.


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