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Why Jonathan must run

NOW that the dark strongholds of the cabalistic enemies of our country having been pulled down and the avaricious occupants of the corridors of power rendered prostrate, the kleptocrats who hold sway in Nigeria have now found in President Goodluck Jonathan, the veritable and terminal danger to their abominable empire who must be destroyed lest he changes Nigeria for the better for the common people and for the worse for their bloodsucking breed.

They, however, forget that the vast majority of our people are now totally and irreversibly sick and completely tired of the self-seeking and self-aggrandizing pseudo-leaders of Nigeria who have historically held them hostage and in bondage in a self- perpetuating state of putrefying poverty, crass ignorance, utter backwardness, religious upheaval, ethnic strife, and fratricidal bloodletting for their personal, parochial and parasitic gains.

It is now the turn of the common people and their true and selfless leaders to conscientiously endorse a candidate of their choice and democratically elect the same as their president for 2011. It is only the irretrievably corrupt and the hopelessly misguided who would continue to deny the identity of a genuine people’s leader.

Across this land it is the unanimous and unequivocal will of the vast majority of Nigerians to have Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as their president, come 2011.

Anyone who feels it is not the will of God is entitled to his or her opinion, and quite welcome to a debate on the matter.

The Nigerian people have found in Dr Jonathan, a gentleman par excellence, a humble technocrat, and visionary servant-leader, who having not adopted a do-or-die approach to the acquisition of power has proven himself fit, proper and well-endowed to rule. At any rate, it is that man who is least hungry and least desperate to rule that is the most qualified to lead.

As for those who ruled without anyone’s permission in the past, such as Generals Buhari and Babangida, they will be well advised to forget about coming back. Their time has passed and a new age has dawned.

To imagine that the man who ‘sapped’ more Nigerians than any other dreams of becoming a democratically elected president! And to think that a man in his seventies who thinks the younger generation, including his own children whom he brought up, cannot lead Nigeria – the same veteran coup plotter who annulled a free and fair election and somehow apparently hopes to become president via a free and fair election!

Mr. gap-toothed former military “president” sir, you may well end up being relegated to the dustbin of history like your fellow dictators, coup plotters, human rights violators and those who annul free and fair elections if you fail to read the hand writing on the wall.

I do actually acknowledge the positive dimensions of politics of regionalism and power rotation in terms of their equity and empowerment value. Nevertheless, they are not ends in themselves but  a means to an end.

That end is the comprehensive progress of all Nigerians across class, faith, regional and ethnic backgrounds.  It is my informed opinion that these goals are best served by the return of a man like Dr. Jonathan as President next year.

It is in this light that it becomes even more heart-warming to see so many Nigerians both from the North and South abandoning the parochialism of the past and placing their services at the vanguard of liberating our people within the enlightened framework of a truly united Nigeria.

It is either we are one Nigeria or we break up, pack up and return to wherever we originally came from. We must all now deploy our resources, whatever they might be, to support Goodluck Jonathan so as to reclaim our country from those whose proper place are the cells of a prison yard and certainly not the corridors of power.

We all have a stake at this critical moment in our country’s history to stand with a man on the verge of transforming Nigeria for the better by ushering in a new and refreshing era of positive changes and reformative initiatives across the length and breadth of this land.

As for those wild and crazy allegations emanating from election riggers and corrupt politicians that the President is heating up the polity, we would do well for ourselves by writing them off as wanton lies and utter nonsense. On the contrary, what is proven is to the effect that the President is merely doing what is expected of a visionary leader and Nigerian patriot.

It is undoubtedly those who have a sense of entitlement and expect things in Nigeria to work exclusively to their personal benefit only, who have problems with a President who is merely doing exactly what the constitution demands of him.

I therefore urge all Nigerians to be wary of the failed leaders and daily bread politicians now soliciting their votes for 2011. If you have ruled before, forget about 2011, go back home, put on your thinking cap and use your loot or windfall to form an NGO for the purpose of helping the poor whom you left empty handed while in power.

For your information, Bill Clinton of America is currently heading one of the biggest NGOs all over the world not with money he stole from America but from his earnings after his presidency and donations from his admirers all over the world.

It is because Nigerian politicians don’t engage themselves in positive endeavors when out of power that they remain idle and become the Devil’s workshop. That is why they struggle to remain power brokers, chairmen of federal parastatals and godfathers until they end up in khaki at Kirikiri. We must all at this stage equally be wary of the antics of  fugitives from justice now hiding in the creeks and somehow dreaming of becoming Vice President.

It is my humble scientific projection that given the short space of time available to the President before the upcoming elections, it will be enough for Nigerians that he implements comprehensive electoral reform for every Nigerian’s vote to count.

If he, however, goes further to give us electricity and brings the looters, embezzlers and criminally insane politicians in the corridors of power to justice, he would absolutely have delivered far beyond the wildest dreams and greatest expectations of the vast majority of Nigerians and indeed the rest of the civilized world.

Let everyone who still has hopes for a better Nigeria begin to canvass support for The President until he is returned as President next year. Come 2011, no one will be able to prevent the people’s choice from carrying the day. Let our prayer be that good luck should follow Nigeria and let our effort be to return Jonathan in 2011.

Mr.Onokpasa, a lawyer, writes from Sapele, Delta State.


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