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Bouqui on worldwide rotation

By Lolade Sowoolu

‘A prophet has no honour in his own land’ is perhaps the appropriate quote that summarizes the story of gospel rap queen, Bouqui. Between stepping into the commercial rap game in 2005 with chart topping Mo le jo and discovering gospel or ministry, like she puts it, to be her main stay, the ‘Radical Act of Praise (RAP) progenitor has refused to take a break.

Born Bukola Folayan, the University of Ife graduate is fast becoming the most travelled and performing Nigerian artiste outside the country. Maybe, not at the very popular gigs but the RAP minister runs an enviable back to back itinerary that takes her from church to concerts and colleges throughout the UK and US and practically every other day of the week.

In this year alone, since she travelled after her birthday in February, she’s performed in Chicago, Washington D.C, Maryland, Baltimore, California, Indianapolis, Dover, Brooklyn, New York, among others, all in the United States. At present, she’s in the U.K where she’s scheduled to grace platforms across East London, Woolich, University of Hull, Central London and Plaistow between now and mid May.

When accused of abandoning home (Nigeria), the minister said, ‘I’ve come to realise that I’m the only gospel rapper in the world. I mean other Christian acts sing and maybe rap a little, but I’m the first and only known one that raps as a major, and I think this is why there’s a great demand on what I do, especially in this part of the world (UK and US).

The rapper says her greatest thrill about what she does is the lives touched and the great platform she’s been able to access. “The kind of pastors and international artistes I now rub shoulders with is something that can’t compare with anything else. There’s no leverage bigger than watching lives change.”


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