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Angrily I stabbed my Landlord

Ayodeji Shokunbo

By  Albert  Akpor
A 37- year-old man identified as Mr. Ayodeji Shokunbo is currently telling detectives attached to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) Panti street Yaba, Lagos how he killed his landlord; one Mr. Sodiq Ganiyu. 

Until the sad incident last month, both the deceased and the suspect lived in the former’s building on 23, Sholomade street Ikorodu.  But the suspect who may soon be charged with murder blamed the fight that led to the landlord’s death on the canterkerous nature of the landlord’s wife.

He claimed that since he packed into the house some years back, he never had good relantionship with his landlord’s wife whom he accused of idle talks with his wife.  According to him, he had complained severally of his landlord’s wife’s unnecessary interference in his private life only for his complaints to result in a quit notice.  But as fate would have it, just as he was about packing out of the house, a fight ensued which resulted in the death of his landlord.

How it all started

If I had known that packing into that house would ever give me a name tag as a murderer, I would have sought another house in the area.  The moment I packed into the house, I discovered that my landlord’s wife was always coming to my one room apartment to gossip.  I was always having quarrel with my wife to the extent that I almost divorced her.  I complained severally to my landlord on the need to call his wife to order but it never yielded any fruitful result.

When she discovered that I was always complaining to her husband, she stopped talking with me.  Anytime I greeted her, she would not respond.  But I was even surprised that her husband joined her in keeping malice against me.  For eight years I lived in that building, I discovered that I never had peace for once; so when the quit notice finally came it was like a relief.

Honestly, I would have vacated that building long before the notice to quit came if I had the money.  What is the benefit of living in a building where you have no peace of mind?.  However, after the notice, I discovered that both husband and wife have ganged up against me and I decided to keep to my self until I finally leave.”

The quarrel, fight and then death Mr. Shokunbo who insisted that the fight could have been avoided if not that the deceased came to sympathize with his wife instead of resolving the quarrel that led to the fight and subsequent death, “ I would have packed out of the building by the end of March because I had gotten a much better comfortable place before the quarrel that night between  and his wife made her husband joined the fight that ensued between us, causing his death.

Although, I am regretting the whole thing now, but I can comfortably blame my landlord’s wife for everything.  Honestly, I do not know why a man should be so “remote-controlled” by his wife.  Everybody in that compound knows that the landlord’s wife is a trouble maker.  She was the one that started this quarrel that has led to this predicament.

That night, I was about to sleep, but I was pressed. So, I decided to go and ease myself .  By the bathroom, I saw my landlord’s wife and I guessed she too wanted to do the same.  Just as I wanted to enter the bathroom,  she started raining abusing on me, calling me names. I asked her why she was insulting me. But she continued. She started shouting on top of her voice.  Her husband rushed out .

They both started abusing me.  I told them that I would soon leave their house for them. But before I finished speaking, my landlord rushed and gripped me and started slapping me.  I responded and soon it was a serious fight.  He claimed I was insulting his wife.  In fact, he was the one who first stabbed me with a broken bottle on my left hand several times.

By this time, I was very angry which was why I also took a bottle,  broke it, and used it to stab him on the head. He slumped and was rushed to the hospital.  I think he lost a lot of blood, which eventually led to his death.
Police speak

Reacting, the Police public relations officer, Mr. Frank Mba, described the incident as “unfortunate”, saying, however, that the case would be investigated.  “ The suspect has admitted culpability, at least that he stabbed the victim with a broken bottle.  But whether  it was the injury sustained from the stab that eventually led to his death… Result of an autopsy will teuss.”  Meanwhile, the remains of Sodiq have since been deposited in the morgue for autopsy.


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