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He hates me being on top

Dear Bunmi,

My husband of seven years had always known that I can only orgasm in one  sexual  position:  with  me  on  top.   It doesn’t  bother me  but  it does  my husband who finds it annoying that we always have to end up in that position. I want to make him happy too, but I have no clue on how to solve this problem.
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Dear Augusta,
What’s with this man of yours? He should be very happy you can orgasm through intercourse at all, rather than complaining about it! Less than a half number of women report having regular orgasms through penetration, so you’re one of the lucky ones. Plenty of women say they can only do it through certain positions and girl-on-top is the favourite. This is because it angles the penis towards the highly sensitive front vaginal wall. His complaining is a bit annoying! You say you end up in that position, so its clear you experiment with other positions during the session. What exactly is his problem?

To meet him half-way, you could have your method. For instance, you could have your orgasm first, say through oral sex, before moving into a position that suits him. Or let him orgasm first, then finish you off afterwards with his fingers or a vibrator.

She wants sex eventhough my wife is back

Dear Bunmi,
Five years ago, I came back to the country without my wife. When I called on my father. I met this school teacher with him and it was obvious they were lovers. She insisted that I should come to say hello to her and I did. When I called at her house, she was in the bed-room. In fact, it was a one room apartment and the only chair in the room was very close to the bed. To cut a long story short, she seduced me.

She was surprisingly good in bed and I continued the affair until my wife came home with the kids last year. Now, this woman wants our relationship to continue but I don’t want any scandal.  My wife would  skin me alive if she found out I’d been sleeping with a woman old enough to be her mother. How do I get rid of her?

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Dear Omooba,
You should have thought of the possibility of a scandal before you got carried away by this cheap affair and let it drag on for two years. Now that you no longer have any use of your dad’s ex, I suggest that you explain your plight to her, with a hefty good-bye present. Hopefully, she’ll see your point. If she doesn’t, then you should brace yourself for the fury of a woman scorned!

I  regret lending her money

Dear Bunmi,
About a year ago, my best friend approached me to lend her some money to clear some of the goods she had at the ports. She said she would pay me as soon as the goods were sold. I told her the money I had was for my annual rent which would be due two months from that time.

She assured me she would have sold all her goods by then.
True to her words, she came to me a month after I gave her the money but returned half of it. She told me she had some outstanding debts which she would soon collect.

Only I didn’t see her for months and when I tracked her down, she was hostile to me.

She also moved house without telling me. I eventually traced her to her new residence and she told me she had no money and would pay me when she was good and ready.

Why  are  some  people prepared to sacrifice good friendship because of money?
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Dear Emmanuela,
I’ve always been guided by the adage: neither a borrower nor a lender be! I don’t know how large the sum of money outstanding is, but it is now obvious that after a year, your supposed best friend has no intention of returning the rest of your money. Short of resorting to the law courts, you will have to kiss your money goodbye.
What happened to you can be really painful but it is an expensive way to find out that the only person you can put your trust in, when it comes to money, is yourself.


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