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Fake Feldene found in the market

By Moses Nosike
The fight against fake brands is on-going. Those perpetrating this evil act now use Nigerian market as dumping ground, endangering the lives of innocent buyers who buy from our markets . Patients’ conditions get worse  after innocent consumption of fake brands .

A woman who gave birth to a new born baby sometime ago went to market and bought Abdec for her baby three times and she discovered that the three she bought at different times were all fakes. She was able to discover it because that is her area of specialty. Imagine what would have happened to the baby if the woman was not experienced in medical field to have identified those fake product?

Such cases abound everywhere. Instead of sick people to get cured, their ill-health keeps advancing as if there is no medicine to arrest such medical condition. This is a dangerous situation. A situation where people out of ignorance consume fakes brands instead of original because they can’t distinguish between fake and real brand is terrible. No wonder the state of health  these days are deteriorating, and the rate of untimely deaths is alarming.

It has recently been brought to public knowledge that some unscrupulous individuals are bringing in fake Feldene, Trosyd and Diabinese into Nigeria which they falsely claim were manufactured by a popular known pharmaceutical company.

However, Nigerians should be careful when they want to buy any drugs from shops. It’s advisable for government to institute more agencies to assist NAFDAC in battling the menace of fake products that are bent in shortening the life span of Nigerians. Nigeria needs more agencies like NAFDAC or  the country will keep losing its citizens without notice.
Before now, fake drugs have killed many. Who knows who will be the next victim?Let’s rise and fight it now so that the future generation will be safe.


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