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Anambra: Cursed or it is the cause?

By Emeka Nwosu

ANAMBRA people in different parts of the South East were challenged with this sole searching question by a seemingly charitable and little known philosopher son of theirs Mr. Peter Gregory Onwubuasi Obi at the inception of his campaign for the governorship of Anambra State in 2003.

This question on one his campaign posters gave most of us serious task of taking stock of our collective destiny as a people and a true reflection of our purpose in the society we inhabit.

Mr. Peter Obi was at the time an inconsequential decimal in the turbulent political shenanigans in Anambra State where unpatriotic thugs and political misfits masquerade themselves as political godfathers. One fellow called Christian from Uga had just taken over the animal farm leadership from an oil tycoon called Sir Emeka to whom all glory is ascribed unto for the unmitigated misrule of Dr. Mbadinuju . Sir Emeka seems to be in good company lately trying to make atonement by backing the new political messiah Prof. C.C. Soludo. While the unrepentant Chief Christian from Uga town is still running around looking for Jankara courts where he can obtain fraudulent judgment to avail his senior brother the unbridled desire to possess Anambra State.

For some time now I have been having sleepless nights about the question Mr. Peter Obi threw to us in 2003: “ANAMBRA STATE CURSED OR ARE WE THE CAUSE?” Hence, my resolve to take a critical appraisal of myself and to find out if I or we Anambrarians are the cause. My search for answers has taken me to places far and wide. My effort  from spiritual houses to empirical investigations, still leaves me without much success hence, my decision to cast a serious look at the character that threw that poser.

The more I looked the more I saw. This quote contradicts the original quote of ‘the more you look, the less you see’. I ascribe the exposure of truth and removal of the scale from my eyes to divine mercy. The man Peter Obi prefers the prefix of Mr. Peter Obi as a deceptive tool to appear as simple and ordinary as you and me while my revelation has pointed to two very clear characteristics inherent in him. There are times he manifests as a chameleon and at other times he becomes a tortoise.

These characteristics are arsenals perfected to achieve a very selfish aim targeted against the entire citizenry of the state while performing abysmally in his duties of state and making up the deficit through a media campaign/political campaign in both print and electronic media for which the tax payers in Anambra State are charged hundreds of millions of naira.

This media effort has shown that propaganda is a potent weapon in times of electoral conflict. Why do I say so? Some Anambra people seem to be taken in by the brazen attempt he  has made in claiming projects done by some of his predecessors. A very careful analysis of his media claims show that he only painted some buildings done by Dr. Ngige and Mrs. Etiaba. A close attention will show you that the few he started are yet to be completed after four years in office. Haba Okwute!  My people     make una shine eye look am again.

This integrated development approach he chants about is pure jargon he conjured to deceive us. If you query the lack of tangible efforts in roads or housing development by his administration that’s when you will hear stories from here to Zion about other sectors both seen and unseen.

My people, why are we the ones paying for this show of pure deceit on television? Simple, we have been made to pay for worse things in the past and we did absolutely nothing about it. The Anambra state security vote grew wings and flew to a London bank for safe keeping. Since then we cannot go to our home state for verification of Oga’s high performance claim. If you manage to get there by any chance, please pay a visit to the nearest primary or secondary school in your village and ask to be shown part of what you witnessed on the TV show.

It is amazing what politicians tell us when they are desperate for our votes. I often wonder if they think we are really as stupid as they imagine or they are as unpatriotic as we know. Four years ago Mr. Peter Obi had posters that read: “I will fight crime with jobs not guns. Last December Anambra people could not go home to celebrate Christmas for fear of being killed or sold in auction by bandits.

If Oga Peter has done well why is he hanging onto his surrogate father Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu who served his people nearly 45 years ago? Why did he edge his ‘brother’ Emeka Ojukwu (Jr.) out of office? Is this a classical case of inheritance battle royal? Your Excellency may I use this medium to condole you for the loss of your mum, Mrs. Njideka Ojukwu. Please take hart O! I hope you leave Papa out of the election palaba as a mark of respect for Mama.

Mr. Nwosu, a policy analyst,  writes from Awka, Anambra,  State.


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