September 28, 2009

Lawmaker warns over indecent language against Warri monarch

By  Daniel Gumm
WARRI — MEMBER representing the Warri Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Mr. Daniel Reyenieju, has warned non-Itsekiri living in Itsekirilands to specifically note Itsekiri sensibilities on matters that affect Itsekiri traditions and cultures, particularly the Oluship.

Mr. Reyenieju said that Itsekiri would “not accept from anybody, and for whatever reason who goes to the ridiculous extent of thriving in innuendos and making any unpleasant and derogatory allusions and comments against the Warri monarch.”

Reacting to a paid advertorial addressed to President  Yar’Adua in a national daily by the Solicitors of Fenog Nigeria Limited, Reyenieju noted “that irrespective of the issues at stake, non-Itsekiri must not use the parameter of their traditional mores and morals, (particularly those who are from ethnic nations who do not place high premium on their traditional institutions) when making comments and statements relating to Itsekiri customs and traditions of which the Olu of Warri remains the nucleus and hub”.

He described the said advertorial as “not only reckless, irresponsible and disrespectful,” but a total assault on the “beingness of the Itsekiri people which the Olu of Warri encapsulates ontologically.”

He advised all those behind the said advertorial to take all necessary steps for immediate remedy as the advertorial is in its entirety a “big stab on the soul of the Itsekiri nation.”