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Anabel may veer into CDMA handsets manufacturing by 2010

By Emeka Aginam, Asst. Online Editor

With its brand of  mobile handsets  attracting patronage in the Nigerian  ICT market, the President/CEO of Anabel mobile, has  said with optimism that  his company is making serious arrangements  to go into  Code Divisional Multiple Access, (CDMA)  handsets before  first quarter of 2010.

The Chief Executive Officer of Anabel, Nicholas Okoye, while speaking to IT journalists  recently in  Lagos  said the products when produced will meet internatiional standard.

He said, “We believe that we should bring the beauty and style of products to Nigerian people. So, we are expecting that the manufacturing environment will improve very soon. So, we are now waiting. We are actually working on blue print right now to set up our manufacturing base in Nigeria.

“We  have not produced the CMDA hand sets but we actually have a team working on that. We expect to have a CMDA handsets by the end of this year as  we know that most of our loyal customers are saying that they want an Anabel CDMA handsets. Anabel is working hard to that. Hopefully, before the first quarter of 2010,  Anabel brand of CDMA will be out.”

While assuring that Anabel would  bridge the gap in the mobile device manufacturing space in Africa, by delivering unique products that are at par or higher in quality with the best products in the world to the African customers, he said that in the telecom space, Anabel will have a wide range of products that are expected to debut in the Nigerian market.

“We  do have smart phone series which we launched about four months ago. We are about to launch a wide range of feature phones which have the features that the Nigerian people have told us they want. Anabel is also part of the group incorporated.
“And Anabel is also working on that, and that could be brought to bear in the Nigerian market. It has a range of LCD and Plasma series we want to launch in the first quarter of 2010. The design on the work is going on now.

“The  entire range of our products are designed basically based on what the consumers have  told us they want. Most of our consumers have continued to tell us they want to be able to have illustrations and graphics devices.
“ So, our professional series phones have those features. Our lower end  phones also have those features. We are very excited about the ability to be able to do this in the  shortest period” he explained.

On the fake products, he said that the main guide against that is education of the customers and the consumers. “They need to understand the difference between fake and original and the difference is the back up and quality services and quality of the product.
“We go through a rigorous procedure to get to the level of products we will deliver. We ensure that every instrument in the component of our products are tested and is assured of quality. We make sure that when we are getting the components together, they are all high quality from the best suppliers in the world.

“All that painstaking efforts have gone into giving Nigerians the best product. We need to educate our customers to understand what quality is, though some of them do. So, those who do not will fall victim to those who sell fake products like people who drink fake beer.
“What happens to them is that they fall sick and those who take fake drugs do not get better either. So, it is the same thing. And as you know, you cannot eliminate fake products as there are  many unscrupulous elements out there. However, we will know our customers and they will depend on our products based on quality” he assured.


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