June 13, 2009

Goldie holds it down with Nothing Has Changed video

By femi Olubosi
Pop diva, Goldie, last week officially released the long awaited music video for the song ‘Nothing has Changed’. The track, featuring OJB Jezreel, who is also the producer, is off her limited edition album SPIN ME.

Asked why it took her so long to release the video, Goldie said, ‘I wanted to give my fans a good video they’ll enjoy and appreciate. We really took our time selecting locations viewers can relate to. We shot all the scenes in lagos, by the way.”



Shot on celluloid, the video features dynamic urban backdrops and luxury stints with Champaign popping and boat cruises. The “Nothing has Changed” music video was directed by DJ TEE and produced by Goldie herself.

Speaking  further about the song on her blog, “The inspiration for this song came from the need to express myself you know? People who don’t know me saying negative stuff about me calling me snobbish and all… The song and eventual video touches on all these issues which were running riot in my mind at the time. I wanted the video to be a brief musical sort of documentary of my life in the naija music scene.”

Popular artistes who made apperances in the video included Jazzman olofin, Weird MC, DJ Vinnie.

Goldie also released an mp3 single for the song, available for download on her website (