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Earthquake in Nigeria: Measures to avert devastating impacts— Experts

Nigerian seismologists are all agreed that Nigeria is no longer an earthquake-free zone (aseismic) as previously believed following the series of earth tremors in different parts of the country in recent times.

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My plans for Tiv nation – Prof Ayatse

I’ve indicated interest to be considered for selection as the fifth Tor Tiv so that I’ll make my contribution towards the upliftment of our people traditionally and developmentally. I’ve taken this decision because by the grace of God I’ve had the opportunity to serve in public office and I think I have the experience and the exposure that I think will be relevant in that office.

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Naira’ll succumb to more vulnerabilities if America raises rates by December – Otunuga

If they had followed the comments the finance minister made about cutting rates, and had followed it, and cut it back to 12%, they would have created some instability which would have upset some investors. But then this is a double inflation as well because it is a battle between growth and inflation. So of course the high rates right now was causing concerns about the investment because of high debts to pay back but at the same time, price stability is probably what the CBN is trying to do, to cut the inflation rate which is 17.6% and also trying to stabilise the naira.

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Ex-militant leader accuses JTF Cmdr of secret detention

Mr. Kingsley Muturu is Delta State Chairman of ex-militants under the Phase 2 of the Amnesty Programme. In this interview, he shares alleged experience of harassment in the hands of the military Joint Task Force (JTF) in Niger Delta. He also condemns the arrest and secret detention of another ex-militant leader, Mr Francis Muturu, aka ‘General Aboy’, as well as calls on the Minister of Defence, the Inspector-General of Police, Director of SSS and others to intervene in the matter.

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Rakiya Abacha gets baby girl

The family of a former military Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha is in a very joyful mood at the moment. The atmosphere in the Abacha household became even brighter with the pitty-patter of tiny feet that was recently welcomed into the family. The last daughter of the family, Rakiya can safely be described as the happiest person on earth at the moment as she recently welcomed a baby girl. The new baby’s name is Takwara Fatima Aida.

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