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The president’s power is tyrannical power in Nigeria

An executive office with the kind of power it has in Nigeria is a recipe for corruption. The president is a god, and issue decrees. Such decrees may be self-serving nonetheless, and it would not matter. And such a power gives coverage to the kind of disregard functionaries appointed by the president accord the National Assembly.

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Whose PDP?

It does seem that the PDP has lost its most corrupt members to the APC. That’s a good thing for the party, and it must now see it as an opportunity to establish a true, solid, and credible party organization, run by a professional staff of well-trained party managers

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Buhari’s health

It was always an issue, from the moment Muhammadu Buhari won the nomination of the new coalition of parties, the APC, to run for president of Nigeria in 2015. Reports of the fickle state of his health was a campaign issue. Many on the opposition pointed out that Buhari was ill, and was on medication.

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Christmas in’Biafra’ and other stories

As readers of the ‘Orbit” may surely have noticed, this column went on furlough in the last four weeks. I’d chosen silence as a means of introspection and rejuvenation. Sometimes, Nigeria can hit one with such intensity in the gob, and force us to muteness. As every self-respecting newspaper columnist knows, such moments call for self-imposed solitude, and this to avert burn-out. Nigeria is indeed like that hot soup in the stories, which we must learn sometimes to lick from the edges of the bowl.

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The East has got sounds

Alan-B Onyemaechi, veteran broadcaster and Owerri city socialite, is on to something. His company OCBB Entertainment Co, is set for a music revival of the oldies, the great bands which came on stream with the end of the civil war in the 1970s, and gripped the Nigerian and West African music scenes with their memorable sounds.

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America, their America

On Tuesday 8 November, I went to vote at the voting center by the country club near my house, in the city of Orlando, Florida. Thereafter, I drove to my office to hold “office hours.” It was an ordinary day. Normal. The US elections are very calm affairs. But beneath the surface of calm, a most dramatic event was shaping. The grounds were shifting beneath us in what would soon become an earthquake.

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