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How police officer raped me till dawn for not wearing nose mask, widow narrates

“Crime of passion”

By Francis Ewherido First, a former classmate, Juanita, posted it on our Whatsapp platform. It sounded like fiction until I read the full story in Daily Sun. I will refrain from mentioning the names of all the actors involved because they are already too traumatised. But the story is: a man lost his daughter shortly
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Why is he spending so much time with his widowed sister-in-law?

Since my husband became close to his sister-in-law, I’ve felt very insecure. Her husband (my husband’s brother), sadly passed away about a year ago and since then, my husband has bent over backwards to help her – he literally jumps into action when she calls. At first I thought it was incredibly kind of him and I knew he felt he owed it to his brother to make sure she was Ok, but now I’m starting to resent it. She’s at our place a lot (she has no kids) and he’s always at hers and always sorting things out for her. He spends more time with her that he spends in his own home.

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