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Tyranny of the gavel by Patrick Obahiagbon

Having enjoyed the privilege of spending   eight years in the Edo State House of Assembly during which I was the leader of the house for some eon; and, thereafter, a member of the House of Representatives in Abuja for four years, I can asseverate, without being accused of any streak of immodesty, that I am sufficiently versed and knowledgeably vast in the mechanism of the legislature as a third arm of the trinity of government both at the state and federal levels.

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Unending clamour for electricity tariff increase

NIGERIANS are inundated   from time to time by media reports of impending electricity tariff review to the extent that the National Assembly has had cause to invite the Minister of Works, Housing and Power to defend the purported move. Periodic tariff review is an essential part of the Electric Power Sector Reform Act 2005 which empowers the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission to determine tariffs for the principal players in the sector.

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Dino Melaye


Imagine   being handcuffed by the police like a hardened criminal and taken into detention for several hours for treating   a patient      in a medical facility where you work as a   doctor! Your only   ‘offence’ against the law enforcement agents is that you attended to a patient! This was the case of some medical doctors at Zankli Hospital Abuja last Tuesday, April 24,2018. 

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Peaking Delta State Educational Standards

Education, the globe over, is regarded as the key that unlocks the potentials of the individual so as to contribute his quota to the development of his environment. That is why most developed nations place the highest premium on the availability of education to its citizenry. And this point was driven home last week when the commissioners in the educational forte gave account of their stewardship. The Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education, Honourable Chiedu Ebie and the Commissioner for Higher Education Engineer Jude Sinebe were at the Ministry of Information headquarters, Asaba and in interactive sessions with reporters, gave a good account of their stewardship. The undercurrent theme in both commissioners‘ press briefing was the uncommon passion of the Okowa administration to take the educational fortunes of Deltans a notch higher.

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