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5 years of spreading luck: Everyone needs a little help by Tony Elumelu

In business, the role luck plays in success and personal achievement is rarely discussed. If luck is mentioned, it is done with slight condescension, and usually dismissed as a product of hard work, not deserving significant attention. While hard work is paramount— and I have written extensively about the importance of working hard— history and my own experiences show that there is often a large element of success that hard work alone cannot explain. It is simply not true that “you make your own luck.”

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Tough times ahead for Nigerians in 2019

NIGERIA in the  context of global   economic slow down. In a global village, no country is immune from the universal economic downturn which is already underway. Allan Greenspan, who for more than ten years controlled the e world’s economy as the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Bank was on CNN in December to warn us that the global economy will shrink in 2019. In fact, the deceleration is already in progress in the USA – the world’s largest economy and China, the second. Europe and other Asian countries are already bracing up for what is expected to be a tough period. 

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2019: Nigeria faces a turbulent year without seismic shifts

AT the beginning of every year, analysts daringly make predictions. Some never come to pass because they are over-optimistic, too pessimistic or simply offered as much in hope as in expectation. Of course, it’s difficult to predict the future with exactitude. Yet, this hasn’t stopped analysts from making new year predictions. I want to follow in that tradition by giving my take on how things might pan out for Nigeria this year.

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Politics in 2019: Dilemmas of a people

THE year 2019 presents a lot of challenges to Nigerians ranging from the economy and growing insecurity to hunger, but it is politics, or the politics of the these challenges that will reign supreme. The first two months will be dominated by the February general elections while no matter who emerges winner, the next ten months will be expended on post-election politics including settling scores.

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16% completion of 2nd Niger Bridge: The facts on ground

FRESH hope on Niger Bridge Passing through the River Niger Bridge from Asaba, capital of oil-rich Delta State to Onitsha, the commercial nerve-centre of Anambra State, penultimate Wednesday, it was difficult to recognise that major works are ongoing on the much trumpeted Second Niger Bridge, which groundbreaking was performed by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

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Local content, local troubles: How big firms kill small businesses

MOSES, not his real name, is a supplier to two major fabrication and logistics yards in Lagos (names withheld). He said he supplies varied items, ranging from petroleum products to personnel to these companies. However, Moses, who does not want his real name in print, for fear that the companies might blacklist him in the future, is currently broke, does not have a dime in his account and is surviving from the support of his wife and his in-laws, as well as from the goodwill of his friends.

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How Boko Haram is exploiting our weaknesses Metele attack surviving soldier reveals

In this concluding part of the conversation with a surviving soldier in the recent attack on Nigerian Army 154 Task Force by Boko Haram insurgents which resulted in the death of many soldiers, he told Vanguard that the awareness that Nigerian troops lacked functional equipment was responsible for the manner the insurgents attacked in succession. He lamented that the situation has not changed.

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We’re tired of life in camps, Benue IDPs cry out

The spate of killings in parts of Benue state by suspected militant herdsmen may have been contained successfully by the joint military Operation Whirl Stroke which was launched in the state last May to stem the killings, many of the 500,000 Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, are however still trapped in the eight camps and villages where they are currently taking refuge.

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