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Aftermath of unabating Apapa gridlock: Illness, sudden death lurk on emerging waste dumps

THERE is distress of huge proportions for motorists along Oshodi-Apapa expressway in Lagos. The entire stretch of the road from Second Rainbow Bus-stop and beyond is completely taken over by hundreds of flat-bed trailers and fuel trucks that regularly ply the route, but are often permanently parked right on the expressway causing a gridlock.

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Adamu Ciroma : Exit of a political icon and man of history

NEWS came, yesterday, that one of Nigeria’s leading political lights and elder statesmen, Dr. Adamu Ciroma, CFR, has passed on. The late political icon was arguably the main advocate of the zoning principle in Nigerian politics. He was also associated with the much touted and controversial quest for the Sovereign National Conference, SNC, which was promoted by some Nigerian politicians to ensure equitable distribution of national resources across the geopolitical zones of the country.

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Deepening rot in education sector triggers alarm

ACCORDING to Prof. Udo Jacob:  “Sadly, it is only when stories like these   emerge that we tend to take notice of the problem with our educational system. But who cares? Children of the elite are at some of the best private primary and secondary schools despite the ridiculously high costs. Who sends his/her children to public primary and secondary schools these days? It is the poorest of the poor.”

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