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1,100 years of servitude by Pat Utomi

WHY write a book? Having written a few, could this just be a habit? Each time I think book I think of the motive of the author, his view of the nature of man in society and the force of idea and explanation of nature or society. When you are the author, thinking about motive involves peculiar psycho-exploration in introspection. For me, the purpose of the excursion captured in this book derives from early embrace of a Pan Africanist view of the world.

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Alex Ekwueme

How Ekwueme helped in creating more states

The author told the story of how the late former president, Alhaji Shehu Shagari, chose the late Dr. Alex Ekwueme as Vice President – a nomination that made many party members angry, especially the late Dr. K.O Mbadiwe who had hoped to clinch it. The creativity with which the media captured the nomination and the indignation in a headline was amazing: “Shagari Picks Ekwueme but KO is not Ok.” Today, let’s see how the same Dr. Alex Ekwueme as VP helped to create more states for Nigeria:

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Shehu Aliyu Usman Shagari

How Shagari picked Ekwueme as Vice President

The author discussed the issue of Sovereignty in relation to communal conflict from Bala Usman’s perspective. He also began a new chapter in which he narrated the enthronement of the Right Reverend Dr. Humphrey Bamisebi Olumokaye as the 8th Bishop of the Diocese of Lagos, Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion. Today, he goes into the tale of Shagari’s nomination of Ekwueme, a completely politically obscure fellow, as VP:

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Senate, Fashola, Saraki

The Issue of Sovereignty

The author, Eric Teniola, looked at Bala Usman’s analysis of communal conflicts in Nigeria, saying that communal conflicts in Nigeria which since the 1980s, have become more frequent, more widespread and more violently destructive of life and property, are indications of failures to tackle and peacefully resolve the current manifestations of this age-old problem of the relationships between public safety, identity, the boundaries of the community, the basis of citizenship rights and social, economic and political progress.

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A look at Bala Usman’s analysis of communal conflicts in Nigeria

Chief Eric Teniola cut his teeth in journalism as Senior Reporter with The Nigerian Tribune newspaper between 1973 and 1974. He later obtained a diploma in journalism from London School of Journalism, United Kingdom in 1974 while on the job at The Nigerian Tribune newspaper. Shortly after he left to become the Oyo State Editor with The Nigerian Herald newspaper between 1974-1975. He later moved on to The Punch in 1975 but remained as Oyo State Editor till 1977.

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