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Jonathan’s shrinking presidency

In the run up to the presidential election on March 28, 2015, figures obtained from the protocol department of the Presidential Villa indicated that more than two thousand visitors visited President Goodluck Jonathan on the average in a week. This figures do not include visitors that met with the president in his official residence in the Villa. Neither do they include those he met outside the official residence but within the precincts of the Presidential Villa. It was perhaps the number and quality of people who thronged to the Villa on daily basis and the assurances they gave the president during the run up to the presidential election that informed the confidence he displayed as the election drew nearer that he was going to win.

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Dynamics of Change: The Amaechi years (2)

In continuation of review of the book “Dynamics of Change-The Amaechi Years’ by Chidi Amuta and Yemi Ogunbiyi, the Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka in his forward painstakingly defines courage in leadership in a more appropriate and understanding way. While he expounds on those hard facts that are often swept under the carpet, he used Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi turbulent political career to draw some points

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The post-election prize Jonathan deserves – Abubakar Audu

The secret of any success is hard work and that has always been my contention. We worked very hard and time will virtually tell the story and time has told the story. People were given the opportunity to compare and contrast between my administration and the successive administrations of the PDP since I left office. I governed the state between 1999 and 2003 and PDP rigged me out using all manner of forces that have never been seen in any democratic sector. They brought soldiers from the air force and the barracks in Lokoja which harassed and killed. For the first time I saw military personnel carrying ballot boxes. That was how they rigged us out in 2003. They brought in a governor that spent 9 years and has not commissioned one single project.

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