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You don’t have to lobby anybody for the NPOM award – Mrs.Funmi Komolafe

In screening nominees for the award, the committee looks out for the individual’s and organization’s creativity, skill and efficiency. The whole idea is simply to encourage those excelling in their fields to keep remaining at the top, tell those not yet there “someone is watching you and you can strive to be there by putting more effort”.

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If chief were here…

At his death, our government is both illegitimate and unaccountable. Like a malignant tumour, Maurice Iwu afflicts Nigeria’s electoral system with terminal illegitimacy. For some reason, those who are in a position to lance him affect inability and unwillingness to do so. If Gani were here, he would have trained his legal and campaigning guns at electoral alchemist that Maurice Iwu is.

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On the Marble: Gani on corruption, SNC and the Niger Delta

RIBADU! Nuhu Ribadu is a positive accident to this government. If Obasanjo had known or he had been told by Adeboye or Olabayo or Mike Okonkwo through their vision that things would be like this, he would not have appointed him. Because I know that the president is not fighting corruption with his heart but this man is fighting corruption with his soul and life.

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