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Would you have an affair to save your marriage?

Florence sat next to me in the car and showed me a hotel room key.  “You should have left that at the reception”, I told her. “What if you lose it”, “It’s not my key”, she whispered into my ears.  “It’s the key to Eric’s room”. My eyes widened.  So soon?  “He wants me to go and wait for him in his room”, she continued excitedly. 

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Re: One issue at a time, please!

Last week’s topic of discourse generated a bit of controversy. I received a few mails and text messages, some of which I want to share with you quickly today. I promise to publish some more very soon. Please, feel free to add your views to this or any other issues we have discussed in this column. Remember that your identity will be protected. Our address remains as above. Cheers!

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