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Good stress is short-term, mild, stimulating…

Experts are claiming that stress can be good for you. Research has apparently found that nerve-racking situations such as making a speech or dashing to the airport, will help you stay healthy and live longer. Stress, blamed for everything from depression to cancer is the biggest cause of long-term sickness, prompting warnings that it has become the ‘new back pain’ for office truants.

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The gods are broken little things

I couldn’t resist this article when I saw it in my box last week. Nearly all families have a similar experience to share. We all love them too, stories of people rising above their circumstances to achieve success. Typical grass to grace stories that will make even an atheist recognise that there must be a force directing the fortunes of man from somewhere. The story you are about to read was sent in by Kingsley Alumona from Ibadan. I was moved to tears just trying to capture what he and his young sister must have suffered in the hands of their uncle and his family as a result of the loss of their parents. Today, though in a position to take his revenge out on his uncle, he has opted to show him love instead. Surely, if the Lord has already granted you victory over your enemy, then it is not too much if you are   magnanimous towards them. I hope you find it interesting as well as educative. Do have a wonderful weekend!!

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