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Remembering Adadevoh

Wages of Impunity, By Wole Soyinka

The dancing obscenity of Shekau and his gang of psychopaths and child abductors, taunting the world, mocking the BRING BACK OUR GIRLS campaign on internet, finally met its match in Nigeria to inaugurate the week of September 11 – most appropriately. Shekau’s danse macabre was surpassed by the unfurling of a political campaign banner that defiled an entry point into Nigeria’s capital of Abuja. That banner read: BRING BACK JONATHAN 2015.

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How We Can Truly Immortalise Dr Adadevoh, others

Before the Ebola crisis, I never heard of Dr Ameyo Adadevoh (The Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist at First Consultant Hospital). However with her tragic death at the hands of Ebola, I have heard and read more about her. From close family friends who had the opportunity and privilege of knowing her, she was a good person and very committed to her duty and country. Given the way she stopped Patrick Sawyer from leaving the hospital upon discovery that he had Ebola, her good-heartedness, patriotism and desire to protect humanity are unquestionable. Most unfortunately and sad, she died from her genuine efforts to protect us Nigerians.  

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Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh: A Woman of Substance

I don’t like early-morning phone-calls, but this one was a distress-call from Femi-Kevin. “Do you know that the doctor at First Consultants that contracted Ebola is Dr. Adadevoh?” he asked. He had to tell me this twice because his call woke me up. I tried not to believe it. In a very selfish and foolish manner, I wished it were not her but someone else. But if it were someone else, that someone else would also be somebody.

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