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Ramadan Talk

Let your blessings run over

Ramadan is now drawing to an end. Have you had a wonderful and most rewarding period in the last 27 days? The few days remaining are capable of making our already filled cup run over with blessings. We can still maximise the benefits of the month.

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Lailatul Qadr, a night of possibilities

The atmosphere now is all about Lailatul Qadr and how we can all get the best out of the night. How have you spent the last three nights? Has it been fruitful, spiritually exciting and physically rewarding or have you wasted the time unknowingly? How do you intend to spend the next seven nights? Despite planning beforehand, many of us may have got caught up in a normal routine after iftar, and so, we missed the opportunity of spending the night in prayers.

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Don’t let your sins hold you back

The time does not only offer reasons to reflect on all areas of our lives, it also offers opportunity for changes. It is time to connect with Allah, feel His presence and tap His blessings. With the Laylatul Qadr, we have the opportunity to be cleansed of our sins. A man is deprived of provision because of the sins that he commits.’” (Narrated by Ibn Maajah, 4022)

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Time for spiritual seclusion

At this point of the holy month, when the last 10 days are rolling in, every Muslim should deepen himself in the acts of ibadaah. The most important part of Ramadan is said to be the last 10 days. The revelation of the Qur’an, the night of majesty, the blessings, among others, had been perfected in it.

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