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Between next of kin and intestate

Please be kind enough to educate me on the power of ‘’A WILL’’ and ‘’NEXT OF KIN’’ with reference to the following posers:1- what happens where there is A WRITTEN ‘’Next of kin’’ (official) BUT ,NO WILL- (Intestate)? 2-where there is NEXT OF KIN,(officially mentioned), intestate, BUT the siblings from other wives went ahead to use the deceased property/(ies) as collateral for Bank loan and the end defaulted in repayment,- leading to the seizures of such property/(ies) 3-IF the above occurs in a State in Nigeria where THE WILL ACTS,1837 is still being used and practised, will the location of such property/(ies) determine the type of LAW that would/should apply and use? 4, Under intestate, can any other family member exercise any RIGHT WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE NEXT OF KIN? Bright-O.

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Why we insist on death penalty for kidnappers – Bayelsa AG

Chief Francis Egele, is the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Bayelsa State. Egele who has been in legal profession for almost three decades was in private practice until his current appointment. In this interview he sheds light on why the Bayelsa state government had to take a bold step in enacting a law prohibiting kidnapping in the state. He explained that in spite of the criticisms that trail the state government’s decision on the law, the decision was the best for the state to contain orgy of kidnapping.

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