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The best way to learn, is to fail at something – Uti Nwachukwu

Uti Nwachukwu  is a familiar fixture on television talent, game and magazine shows—most notably African Magic’s “Jara,” which he co-hosts, with comedienne Helen Paul. A dreadlocked extravert,  Nwachukwu  prefers hosting. But he has also excelled, as an actor— his role in “Breathless” (2016) drawing an African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) nomination.

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A lot of vices in the society are traceable to parenting — Akinropo

Giving birth to children is not about parents and parenting. It is the aftermath, the responsibilities thereof that is called parents. Unfortunately, those responsibilities are not there, we have abdicated them to house maids, schools, grandparents, friends, aunties and uncles. That is why our values are eroded and all these ills that we assume are a generation change are also affecting us as a country and children who are products of such homes are the line for leadership now.

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