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Man U, Arsenal match tragedy: How police killed auto electrician in Lagos

AS the rage over the alleged murder of Lagos socialite, Mr. Femi Best by Mr. Muhammed Babamala, a Superintendent of Police, in front of the Onipanu Police Station, on Ikorodu Road, in Lagos, is yet to subside ,and the police authorities have vowed to bring the alleged killer to book.But not a few Nigerians had believed that such extra-judicial killing will cease and that the police authorities would re-orientate their officers on the proper use of firearms.

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How fake Catholic priest hypnotized, tried to dupe Lagos woman

Lillian Chukwu, a 32 year-old working class lady at the Victoria Island, Lagos, rose on Monday 22, November 2010, in a very high spirit to start her work.Little did she know her hopes for a better day at work would be truncated by a notorious fraud syndicate, that almost swindled her of all her life earnings. It was mother luck that saved her from becoming a victim of fraudsters.

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Alleged Abia number one kidnapper, Osisikankwu, breaks silence, speaks to Vanguard

The origin of this piece will certainly read like a fairy tale. A young man walked into the Vanguard Office, Owerri, to discuss placement of 15 full pages of colour advertisement. After discussing with our Correspondent, Chidi Nkwopara, the potential client left but promised that he would call to confirm the next line of action.
About four days after the visit, a call came through an MTN number. The message was simple: “We have accepted to place the advert in Vanguard. You have to come to Aba and pick the money”.
For the reporter, Aba was a no-go area and the caller was told so. A deal was struck that the reporter should come to a place close to Osisioma. He thereafter left Owerri for the designated place on the appointed day.

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