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Health Intel solutions preaches health awareness through KYNC

The prevailing fuel crisis has led to an increase in the cost of getting proper health care.Health Intel Solutions, an innovative health information and intelligence company embarked on a health awareness campaign penultimate Saturday tagged Know your numbers campaign(KYNC).The KYNC is a health promotion program aimed at educating Nigerians about the state of their health and going for medical checkups from time to time.

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Nigeria’s influence on global fashion

For anyone who thinks the evolution of Nigerian fashion has come to an end, it might come as a surprise to find it might just be beginning. The phenomenon is that globalization has come to stay and no less so in fashion. Nigerian fashion is filled with angst for the other side of the divide, and vice versa, with the reciprocacy pushing harder from the other side now more than ever.

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FG applauded for encouraging foreign languages among youths

The Federal Government of Nigeria was recently applauded by the Head of the Seme border, Commander of the Beninois Police, Mr. Waidi Akodjenou for conceiving and establishing the Nigeria French Language Village, to foster the teaching and learning of French among youths in Nigeria. This was brought about with the aim of fostering the learning of both foreign and local languages across the country.

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…As autism rises mysteriously

Though autistic children and adult may look normal, they are plagued by a range of symptoms that include difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions and leisure or play activities. Most of them have no speech (can’t talk) but often try to repeat words or phrases they hear – an event called echolalia. Also, autistics find it much harder to understand the feelings of other people or empathize with others.

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Essentials of smoothiology

Not too long ago, smoothies were foods we only read about or saw in movies; these days they have become essentials. As our tastebuds become more diversified and sophisticated and we are exposed to a wider range of foods, there is increasing pressure to make the best of every food. Juicing and smoothing are good means of achieving this. There are five ingredients that every smoothie recipes needs. Go ahead, join the smoothie revolution and kick-start your healthy life.

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The Jonathan girls: How have they fared?

Though the administration was inclusive at the beginning, a good number of the originally deployed women were unceremoniously sacked, including Ms Amal Pepple, who is from Rivers State and is believed to have lost her job for being unable to read the President’s mood on the crisis in the state. Although Pepple was not nominated by Governor Rotimi Amaechi, Pepple was said to have shown too much concern for her state, causing the presidency to be suspicious of her loyalty.

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WAWA Celebrates International Women’s Day 2015

The observance of the first International women’s day has witnessed a transformation in women’s legal right, educational achievements and participation in public life. In all regions, countries have expanded women’s legal entitlements. Although women have stepped up their game by exercising leadership in politics and business, surviving childbirth and planning their families, educating the girl child; the low representation of women in leadership in public and private sector still persists.

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