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Stella Oduah: Witch hunting, and Women in Nigerian Government

While there is not nearly enough evidence to prove this, there is at least enough to show women have indeed done as well as men in virtually every field of endeavor except sports. In management, women are even believed to be better than men. As far back as the 1900s, studies have shown women to be more suited to “modern” jobs that do not require “brawn”. More recent studies support these findings.

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How to raise nice children

The world watched with shock when the news hit the waves of Tolu Kalejaiye, a Nigerian woman who was allegedly slaughtered by her own son in the United Kingdom. The incident has raised fresh concerns about Generation Y children and how to raise nice kids in an increasingly violent world.

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If you never have any time except reactive time — things you must do for others — you don’t have a sense of control. You are interrupted all the time. Your brain has trouble resting even during sleep. Such chronic exhaustion increases the release of stress hormones, and your blood sugar rises.” If this is your normal state, then the physical consequences increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and memory problems. If that’s not enough to scare you into taking some time for yourself, consider this: The hormonal effects of always being on edge help deposit fat right around your waist.

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Right girl, wrong dress

Omosexy was her usual confident self in that controversial zebra inspired dress she wore to be a judge at the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant last week, where she was a judge and an award winner, but she could have fooled us. She looked divine from neck up and her little anti-child marriage speech was sleek, opportune and clever; but the extensive outfit made her look as though she had something to hide.

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Catering for kids at the dinner table

Sitting around a table and eating together is indisputably one of the most enriching and vital events of the day, but chances are you are all eating the same thing. In this weight watching, cholesterol-bashing era, many children are being denied of crucial nutrition if their parents and other adults in the family are too watchful. When children are growing up their bodies are going through a lot of changes.

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When ‘I do’ doesn’t do

By Morenike Taire It is interesting how the age old saying, One man’s meat is another man’s poison, keeps rearing its sometimes not-so-appealing head in our socio-political life. And with pastor-owned private jets jostling for room in our airspace and the longsuffering churchgoer and scorner alike expressing their displeasure and sometimes intense jealousy, there is
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