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2019: Igbo leaders rule out support for Buhari

Igbo elders & Buhari

The candidature of President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 presidential election with the expectation of an Igbo born president in 2023 is not enough sweetener to draw Igbo votes to the president, a cross-section of Igbo leaders has deposed.

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Preparing Ikokore Delicacy (Water yam Porridge)

IKOKORE is an Ijebu delicacy. It is a special meal that if it is not on the menu at their party, then the ceremony is not complete. As homemakers, just like an Ekiti man can not joke with pounded yam, an Ijebu man is a lover of Ikokore. So, if you are dating an Ijebu guy, you must learn how to prepare the meal. This is because it may be one of the criteria to show that you can keep the marriage.

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Seasoning salt or seasoned salt can be dangerous to your health

IT is now common to see different salt seasoning in homemakers’ kitchen. While it is good to use seasoning to spice up your food, it may be dangerous because the amount of sodium you are consuming may be in excess. There are a lot in the store that you may not want to resist. There are garlic and salt seasoning, onion and salt seasoning, ginger and salt seasoning etc. If you are adding it without adding table salt, it’s okay but many use it like the way they use curry and thyme. Some will use garlic and salt seasoning, add seasoning cube and add table salt to the same pot of soup.

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The case of Detained mother of triplets: My defence, medical director

THE story of 27- year-old Gloria Okorie, who was allegedly detained seven weeks after she was delivered of a set of triplets, caused a stir when it hit the headlines last week. Gloria, claimed that negligence on the part of the management of Blessylva Hospital and Maternity Home, Agege, Lagos, where she was allegedly detained over inability to settle outstanding bills, led to the death of one of the babies.

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