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Maternal mortality has reduced by 40% in Africa – Diene Keita

Diene Keita is the representative of United Nations Population Fund, UNPFA, in Benin Republic for the past seven years. UNFPA is the world’s largest multilateral source of population assistance, which has provided more than $6 billion in assistance since it became operational in 1969. Keita, who speaks six languages, is also a freelance translator in the United Kingdom. In this interview with Esther Onyegbula, she talks about the reproductive health and the challenges of the average African woman and other issues.

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My daughter’s amputation spurred me into voluntary service – Crystal Chigbu

When little Beulah lost her limb as a child after suffering a missing kneecap at birth, her mother, Crystal Chigbu, the CEO of “Irede Foundation” after that harrowing experience vowed to provide solution to children in similar situation. In this interview, she expresses her determination to serve humanity by providing functional artificial limbs to amputated children. Excerpts:

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I was a foodstuff merchant as an undergraduate – Princess Akinbile

Beautiful and industrious Princess Uzamat Folasayo Akinbile has an exemplary story that inspires young women. Her youthful looks no doubt will make many think she is probably a 20-year old who was born with a silver spoon. But at 40, her story tells how she rode her way to success through determination at a time when many of her mates depended on handouts from “generous” men .

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Empowered women are the best – Bee Azubike

Bee Azubike started out as an entertainment writer but presently works as a PR consultant and freelance writer. As a child, she spent a lot of time drawing and even though that talent is gone, she’s still an avid lover of the arts and is currently on the team of the monthly performing arts event, TARUWA. Bee is crazy about her creator; the Almighty God. She is presently lost in Nora Ephron’s world, through the book ‘I Feel Bad About My Neck’.

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Onari Duke on her Run-for-a-Cure Charity Walk

Former First Lady of Cross River State, Mrs. Onari Duke is an ideal role model for all age groups. She found her passion and is using it to touch lives. With many Nigerians losing their battle to cancer and HIV, Mrs Duke believes positive changes can be made through the activities of The Child Survival and Development Organization of Nigeria, CS-DON.

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