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The haven under the hood

Is there any reason why anyone should live a life of pain and inadequacy because of the ill judgement of others, shrouded under the guise of culture and tradition? The excuse that circumcised women are more chaste than uncircumcised ones, if true at all, is not enough reason to mutilate any girl. Sexual discipline is as much psychological as it is physical. It is everybody’s duty to help the girl child achieve her full potential as a woman and live a total life. So, dear daddy, please don’t. Do have a wonderful weekend!

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Men are cowards when ending a relationship

“After 20 or so dates in eight weeks, each one more heart-stoppingly exciting than the last, I was pretty sure that Muri was the one,” recalled Tamilore now in her late 30s. “‘Good-looking with the naughtiest twinkle in his eyes, he was also smart, stylish and, most importantly, funny. My 35-year-old head knew perfection was not possible, but my heart said something different.

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