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INSIDE NOLLYWOOO: What is Nollywood?

Welcome to ‘Inside Nollywood’, a new column in your choice newspaper. The idea is to, on a weekly basis take you through the world of Nollywood (never mind, you’ll get to know what that means shortly), from the perspective of an insider, through the eye of a practicing filmmaker and administrator in Nollywood. The aim is to inform, educate and entertain readers with goings- on in this popular sector of Nigeria’s economy. This shall almost always be done in an analytical, yet incisive format.

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I didn’t know Kuchi Kuchi would blow – J’Odie

J’ODIE, whose real name is Joy Odiete is an artiste, cartoonist, jewelery designer and a Choir mistress. She also came out the second runner up in 2006, West African Idols. Today, her popular single ‘Kuchi Kuchi’ is currently making waves around West Africa. In this interview, she talks about her childhood, talents and stardom.

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