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On derivation, fiscal federalism we stand 

Contrary to the 1999 constitutional provision on derivation, which stipulated “that the principle of derivation shall be constantly reflected in any approved formula as not being less than thirteen percent (13%) of the resource accruing into the Federation Account directly from any natural resources”, there are renewed agitations by delegates from the northern part of the country that derivation should be reduced to five percent.
Although the constitution envisages a periodic upward review, there has not been any exercise in the past 15 years.

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Our power sector reforms lack policy guidelines

Since November 1, 2013 when the Federal Government partially privatised the successor companies that emerged from the former Power Holding Company (PHCN), Nigerians have been going through mixed experiences in their ability to access electricity power supply. The common trend that runs through the entire story chain is that Nigerians have not seen the promise. Succour has not come and the new companies have not changed from what the consumers used to get in the hands of PHCN.

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CONFAB resolutions must be based on concensus, not voting

In my modalities, I have proposed that there should be a number of centers. One in Kaduna, one in Port Hacourt, one in Enugu, one in Ibadan, and one in Benin and another one in New York where the United Nations organsiation operate from. It is going to be the central place where all the information are coming from, all the processes of having a sovereign national conference is coming from.

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