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From empire to country: Framework for security planning in Nigeria (2)

NIGERIA is waking up to the fact that elections are not about constitutional administration of government but are indeed contestation for power. The formation of the All Progressive Congress (APC) is informed by this understanding. This realignment only polarizes the contestation for power and fails to address the need to de-fuse electoral politics to owing to the fateful fusion of the two politics, the electoral and state formation politics. The increasing call for a Conference may perhaps reflect what is now seen as untenable structure of power and authority in Nigeria, and a need to do something about it in the present condition of large-scale endemic insecurities.

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Defining the current security challenge of the country

WHAT is the context of the present security condition of society in Nigeria? Is it one of continuity from the colonial to the post colonial or is it one of transition between the colonial and the post colonial? The process of decolonisation in Nigeria was one of change of the officeholders of the British colonial government. The statecraft of the Nigerian Independence Politicians, or more cryptically phrased, the Nigerian Political Class, from Independence to the present has been one of governance adaptation of the institutions of British Administration for the colony of Nigeria. Independence was instituted by both Britain and colonial Nigeria as succession in office. In the gallery of succession in the offices of heads of ministries or agencies, there is first the picture of the last British Office holder and then the picture of the first Nigerian successor.

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