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Tuesday Platform

Will President Jonathan address the challenge of legitimacy in Africa?

JUST as the most stable form of the state is an empire so the most sustainable system of rulership for a people that have been enslaved or colonised is a republic and their most legitimate form of government is a democracy.

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AU and the ICC: Issue of election violence in Africa

THE Guardian Tuesday May 28 2013 carried a story recording the African Union outrage on the ICC’s global prosecution of those charged with crime against humanity. The African Union, reports The Guardian, “has accused the International Criminal Court (ICC) of “hunting” Africans because of their race and hence, it expressed opposition to plans by the Court to try Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta on charge of crimes against humanity.

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Security precedes defence

I HAVE written this piece to show why the PDP and for that matter all electoral parties must understand the causal connection between the Jihadist Politics and the possible extinction of liberal constitutionalist electoral politics in Africa. It is a must understanding for the BoT Chairman and Mr. President.

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Will Nigeria-led ECOWAS be a footnote to the French in Mali?

MALI is one of the Achilles heels of the territorial arrangements of the global inter-state order. And Africa is the region where opportunities for re-drawing of the global political map is most fecund. Al Qaeda’s search for a regional space for its global anti-secular anti-westernisation Islamist statecraft is a fundamental interest in the politics of the Malian crisis.

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