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From bad news to good news

I RECENTLY saw a wonderful photograph that really cheered me up in a week that has been full of sadness and tears.

It depicted the 21 freed Chibok Girls dancing at a special thanksgiving service in Abuja. They were smiling joyfully and looked absolutely beautiful – vibrant young ladies with many years ahead of them – in their colourful new clothes.

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Feisty First Lady

I’VE never met Mrs Aisha Buhari. Our paths did not cross when I was campaigning for her husband in 2014 and 2015. And I’ve never attended any function at which she has spoken and have only glimpsed her in the flesh once – from a great distance when the new President was being sworn in at Eagle Square last May 29 (she was in the glass VIP box, I was in an ordinary seat on the other side of the stadium).

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Depressing contrasts

While we Nigerians are still struggling, in the 21st century, to provide ourselves with basic amenities like round-the-clock electricity and spectacularly failing to deal with simple challenges like running free and fair elections, other nations in Asia and the Western World are relentlessly moving onwards and upwards.

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How embarrassing

On September 8, 2016, at the launch of his “Change Begins With Me” initiative – a new public enlightenment campaign – President Buhari made a speech. unknown to Mr President, entire paragraphs in this important speech had been lifted by one of his aides from President Barack Obama’s 2008 victory speech.

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Northern Christians

LAST week, I published a sad letter I’d received from a Northern Christian from Borno State. He complained about myriad injustices that the Muslim majority had been inflicting on his people, whom he described as a silently suffering voiceless minority. And I, ever-eager to leap to the defence of the oppressed, sympathised.

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