By Donu Kogbara

I WISH Nigerians were voting this weekend because I am suffering from acute election fatigue and want the whole drama to end NOW.

The authorities who created such a long gap (circa 8 months) between the 2022 party primaries and 2023 polling days had good reasons for dragging things out for the better part of a year.

But I’m SO tired of watching and listening to endless presidential/gubernatorial/legislative candidates as they criss-cross the country pitching for votes and filling various media spaces with praises for themselves and disparaging remarks about their rivals.

And when the candidates themselves are not available, their supporters and proxies are all over the place, loudly pontificating, propagandising and denigrating at every opportunity.

I have heard everything (mostly dull-as-ditchwater platitudes) that the leading lights of each campaign organisation have to say about the economy, security, etc, etc, etc. And I very much doubt that they will say anything new and exciting between now and February. And I’m certainly not alone in feeling that enough is enough!

I belong to WhatsApp groups that were once engaged in lively political discussions. We would share interesting articles and video clips. We would enthusiastically debate the pros and cons of presidential flagbearers and candidates from our geopolitical zones. We would dream about Nigeria flourishing if our favourites became heads of state or governors or senators or local or federal legislators. We would robustly disagree with each other on occasion.

Initially, members of these platforms were constantly posting so many opinion/factual write-ups and funny/serious/sad audio-visual snippets that it was hard to keep up with everything that needed to be read and commented upon. Every five minutes, literally, new posts would land in my numerous inboxes. And most were enjoyable. 

But platforms that once hosted hundreds of political posts per day have recently become semi-comatose, in my world at least, because my friends and I don’t have much more to add to the discussion.  I’d love to a) crawl into a cosy hibernation sanctuary to escape from pre-election noise and b) flatly refuse to emerge until it’s all over!

Please help Fati

I RECENTLY received the following email from someone who is launching a laudable project and deserves support: Hello everyone. My name is Fati Abubakar ([email protected]) and I’m a photojournalist based in Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria.

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to share that I started an arts foundation in my hometown in Maiduguri, North-East Nigeria and we are currently doing a book drive. We are hoping to promote arts education because we don’t have a library for the arts. So if you can share with your network, I’d be grateful.

Kind regards.

Kachikwu is dumped

THE African Democratic Congress, ADC, has formally ratified the expulsion of its presidential candidate, Dumebi Kachikwu, from the party. Let me be kind and say nothing except that I am not surprised!

The empire strikes back!!!

I AM over the moon and dancing on air about the emergence this week of Rishi Sunak, the first ever Brown British Prime Minister. I actually shed a joyful tear when his victory was announced.

White Britons are often accused of racism; and some of them are definitely racist. And when Sunak first expressed interest in the top job, I was a bit irritated, thinking that he was wasting his time and embarrassing himself and could never rise to the top in a predominantly White country.

Having been brought up by a Nigerian man – my wonderful late father, Ignatius Suage Kogbara – who constantly told me when I was growing up in London that Nigeria was my only real home and that non-Whites could never be truly British, no matter how long they lived in Britain – I totally bought into the narrative that UK-based Blacks and Browns should accept their limitations.

But Britain has become an increasingly liberal society and I heartily salute Sunak’s Conservative Party for not being conservative!…and for having the guts to choose the best man for the job, regardless of his skin tone.

Go, Rishi!!! Well done India…You must be as elated as we were when Obama was elected President of the USA!!!

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