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Amnesty issues

By Donu Kogbara CONGRATULATIONS to President  Umaru Yar’Adua for having the humility to meet and greet the Niger Delta militant leaders who have agreed to lay down their arms and disband private militias that have caused so much socio-economic disruption. Congrats also to the tough warlords of the creeks for giving peace a chance…and for
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Dishonesty issues

LAST week, I dedicated this column to (a): complaints about the crooked, shameless, power-abusing personalities who are dishonestly pretending to mourn the death of Gani Fawehinmi – a man of integrity with whom they had absolutely nothing in common and (b): complaints about the alarming number of Nigerians who steal from the offices and homes they work in…

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Every form of refuge has its price

Late at night, the mansion she shares with the man she doesn’t really want gets lonely. So she acquires an attractive lover of her age – a penniless boy who lives on the poor side of town but excites her nevertheless because he not only has “fiery eyes and dreams no one can steal” but “makes her feel the way she wants to feel”.

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The future can be bright

I sometimes succumb to emotional cowardice; and I couldn’t quite bring myself to tell Dr. Lukman – a distinguished father figure and former OPEC boss with whom I’d had a warm relationship for several years – that my decision to absent myself from OGIC was also partly motivated by professional frustrations and political concerns.

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Square pegs in round holes

Whenever I sit down with these beleaguered fellow travellers to discuss our respective predicaments, we wind up agreeing that we’ll probably have more joyful and prosperous existences if we pack our bags and take off to an overseas haven in which people who aren’t hard-edged or shrewd can thrive.

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Reflections on reactions

And I’ve also been criticized by a handful of individuals (friends as well as foes), who either disagreed with some or all of the points I made or simply felt that my article was too divisive…and that I should have urged my fellow Ogonis to forget about the bitter mistakes of the past, instead of highlighting internal rifts.

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