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The corrupt war against corruption (1)

It is well known that the biggest selling point of Muhammadu Buhari as a presidential candidate in the last election was his reputation as an anti-corruption crusader which he attracted to himself when he and late Brigadier Tunde Idiagbon ruled Nigeria with iron fists from December 31, 1983, to August 27, 1985. Indeed, it was really one of the ironies of Nigeria’s convoluted democratic experience that Buhari’s presidential ambition in 2015 was supported by some wily politicians who previously opposed his previous attempts to be elected President not only because of his confirmed clannish and dictatorial orientation but, also, in the words of Alhaji Bola Tinubu, he represents “expired leadership.”

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Metaphor of the tail wagging the dog(2)

By Douglas Anele In my view, the arrogant anti-democratic conduct of President Buhari’s subordinates are largely rooted in his obsession with loyalty and penchant for disrespecting both the legislative and judicial arms of government because they are confident that the President will stand by them no matter what. Consider the on-going push-me-I-push-you between the Senate,
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Scientific discovery and its enemies(2)

Meanwhile, no philosopher of science or epistemologist has done more than Karl Popper to provide an epistemological rationale for the falsification of theories in science. Popper argued that although the quest for truth is the cardinal aim of science, no scientific hypothesis or theory can be conclusively proved to be true because none is completely immune from falsification.

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Reality versus ‘alternative facts’ (2)

It is very unfortunate that President Buhari’s health condition has provided another strong arsenal for his critics who argue that the APC federal government thrives on deceit, lies and asinine propaganda. Sometime ago, top officials of government told Nigerians that Mr. President was “hale and hearty,” and since then, to support their claim photographs of Buhari with Alhaji Bola Tinubu and Chief Bisi Akande on one hand, and with leaders of the National Assembly, on the other, were emblazoned on the pages of newspapers.

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I, you, we: A philosophical analysis of the human condition (2)

In a nutshell, their existentialist interpretation of the human condition led to the depressing conclusion that life is meaningless and absurd. Even so, although Camus and Sartre recommended heroic defiance in the face of existential absurdity, the strong nihilistic flavor of their writings is not suitable in our contemporary world which urgently requires that go beyond existential nihilism and construct meaning for our lives, both as individuals and as members of the global community, to promote knowledge, love, kindness, solidarity and brotherly feeling among the more than seven billion inhabitants of this planet within the context of environmental sustainability.

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