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Power as an intoxicant: The Nigerian example(2)

The secrecy in conducting government’s business, the convenient option of hiding under the cloak of collective cabinet responsibility, are attempts by those who wish to alienate the people from the officials whose decisions affect their lives profoundly, those who want to bury their individuality in the anonymous crowd. It is a deadening aspect of intoxicating power of power which have wreaked untold havoc in different human societies throughout histiory.

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Natural disasters, teleology and the God of love(3)

How can finite and fallible creatures like us ever learn to see things sub specie aeternitatis? No human being, including Spinoza himself, can achieve that impossible feat. Gottfried Leibniz, a German thinker, says that there are three types of evil, viz, metaphysical evil, physical evil and moral evil. Metaphysical is integral to the finitude or imperfections of creatures.

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The uselessness of Christmas (2)

A LARGE percentage of the new churches are disguised business ventures. But because of material poverty, intellectual cowardice and inability to genuinely appreciate the existential implications of the cosmic insignificance of human life here on earth, most Christians believe that by giving to the pastor, by giving to the church, they are really acting in accordance with the divine will, forgetting that no one knows the divine will for sure.

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