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Going back to school

By Paul Bassey As you are reading this, I am seated in the expansive and tastely furnished Aida Conference Hall of the Cairo Marriot Hotel. A quick glance around the hall that sits 101 other “African football students” I can see General Dominic Oneya, Dr Bolaji Oj-Oba, Mazi Amanze Uchegbulam and Samson Adamu. As Instructors,
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. . .That Eaglets defeat

By Pual Bassey I start by appreciating the Nigeria Football Federation for quickly stepping in to calm the nerves of coaches and players of the Golden Eaglets after they had been beaten by South Africa in the just ended CAF U17 Championship in Niger. I must confess that I was hit very hard by the
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Nigeria in Group E!

By Paul Bassey The last time we communicated on this page, two matches had been played in the ongoing competition. As you are reading this, 16 matches have been played, including the last group matches in Bata yesterday which has  seen the elimination of two teams from the competition. Today, two other matches will be
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CAF gets set to celebrate Africa

The countdown has begun to the thirtieth Africa Cup of Nations, since the competition started in Khartoum, Sudan in 1957.
In less than six days, the attention of the sporting world is expected to be focused on what has come to be established as the third biggest soccer fiesta in the universe outside the FIFA World Cup and the European Championship.

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Sport moments of 2014

The outgoing year was one in which our nation was subjected to all manners of battering and uppercuts, a laughing stock of the world, attracting all types of negatives headlines in the global arena. Every time I get a mail from CAF on preparations for the Nations Cup, I get this gut feeling, one of regret and sorrow, one that leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

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Sports spectacular

By Paul Bassey Early last week, the latest addition to the vibrant list of national teams media officers Timi Ebikagboro, called to enquire about FIFA and the Appeal Committee imbroglio. I told Timi to go to sleep and dream, soundly. “Oga if you say so” I told him I am saying so, that nothing will
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Waiting for Godot

I suddenly found out that I was repeating myself, sounding like a scratched record. Jarring a menace to the ears and a nuisance. The gramophone pin had to be lifted from the record. I was tired of saying that at the end of the world cup, our football story had run full cycle and there was a need for a reappraisal; auto criticism. That you could not do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

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