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Toss out TSA, please (2)

Incidentally, if you ask any of its supporters what it is designed to achieve, the answer will be, “to curb corruption”. But will it? If historical experience in Nigeria is to be our guide, the correct answer will have to be “very doubtful”. Let me quickly explain the reasons. While conducting the research which resulted in the book PDP: CORRUPTION INCORPORATED, what was most striking to me was how much corruption was accounted for by transactions and activities which are not reflected in the balances in the bank accounts of Ministries, Departments and Agencies, MDAs.

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Zero-based budgeting and its consequences for 2016

One of my favourite wise cracks is the Law of the Hammer which says, “Give a young boy a hammer and he suddenly decides that everything he sees needs to be hammered immediately. Nigerians voted for change, without obtaining a clear idea of what we wanted changed and when. Commonsense, which incidentally is not common, would suggest that not everything needs to be changed. And surely not all existing systems and structures can be altered at the same time.

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What happened to the 2016 budget?

Governors and presidents need more time. But, our collective stupidity, ably supported by my colleagues in the media, had got us hooked on the hundred days assessment. It is mostly a waste of everybody’s time. I was happy to be watching a television programme when Buhari was in Ghana on the day. Mr Femi Adesina, Buhari’s spokesman was reached and among other things he tried to play down the importance of the hundred days. Sanity at last.

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Mortgaging the States to FG future in name of bail-out (2)

President Buhari turned down the idea of bail-out at first. I must confess to being one of those who thought a bail-out was inevitable – given the empty purses most states were holding. However, it was my position that the states arrived at the same position through different routes. Some took sensible risks which backfired when the price of crude oil tumbled and the monthly revenue allocation from Abuja declined dangerously.

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Mortgaging states to FG in the name of bail-out

Even the village idiot knew that by May of this year, most states were in deep financial problems. Those hyped to be “innovative” and the confirmed wastrels and utterly corrupt suddenly found themselves in the same boat. I was probably the only person in Nigeria who was not surprised. Several articles had been published on this page predicting that outcome. Two, among others will serve as reminders.

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In support of Senate probe of Obasanjo – 2

An army is a nation within a nation…” Alfred De Vigny, 1797-1863. (VANGUARD BOOK OF QUOTATIONS, VBQ, p 14). President Buhari will not probe Obasanjo’s government, not because it will constitute a distraction, as eager propagandists will like us to believe but because of the military tradition of esprit de corps. Once an officer was your superior officer in service, you don’t disgrace him in public. The rare exceptions occur when there is a coup arising out of disagreements among the officers.

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Killing discos? Time for rethink

The story went on to state the reason for the take over. According to the report by Everest Amaefule, “Following the declaration of force majeure by Integrated Energy Distribution and Marketing Company, the core investor in the Yola Electricity Distribution Company, the Federal Government has taken over the beleaguered power firm.”

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Nigeria in deep economic trouble: “FG, states, LGs share N518.5bn for June”

For further reference the states’ allocations in July 2006, were as follows: Abia, N3.96bn; Adamawa, N3.53bn; A/Ibom, N14.44; Anambra, N3.61bn; Bauchi, N4.10; Bayelsa, 13.16bn; Benue, N3.8bn; Borno, N4.1bn; C/River, N3.98; Delta, N15.8bn; Ebonyi, N3.0bn; Edo, N4.2bn; Ekiti, N3.08bm; Enugu, N3.3.29; Gombe, N3.15bn; Imo, N4.37bn; Jigawa, N3.92bn; Kaduna, N4.29bn; Kano, N5.55bn; Katsina, N4.30bn; Kebbi, N3.3.59bn; Kogi, N3.5bn; N3.12bn; N5.49bn; Nass, N2.99bn; Niger, N3.90bn; Ogun, N3.45bn; Ondo N6.95bn; Osun, N3.33bn; Oyo, N4.19bn; Plateau, N3.0bn; Rivers, N23.25bn; Sokoto, N3.72bn; Taraba, N3.4bn; Yobe, N3.39bn; Zamfara, N3.53bn.

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