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Time for class action suit against NUC, CLE, NLC and JAMB (2)

JAMB lists it in its brochure without warning prospective lawyers of the status of the university. Then, totally avoidable disaster occurs. In the middle of the fourth year, the NUC asked the university to close down its law programme. Several hundred students suddenly find, to their horror, that they were never law students all along. Where does a Level-400 student start all over again? Would the university refund ALL the tuition, and other fees collected from the victims of what, in effect, was a grand scam?

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How Federal Government robbed the states

Somebody should hang for this if it occurred in China or Yew’ Singapore. But, since this is Nigeria, somebody should at least change their boutique designer outfits for “prison designer collections”. The report revealed as follows: “The Federal Government withdrew the sum of N395bn in 2013 to fund subsidy on petroleum products, the Fiscal Responsibility Commission has said.

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Nasarawa State Budget as metaphor for unrealistic state budgets

The report by Umar Muhammed disclosed that “The budget which was christened the budget of “sustainability” would be funded with resources from the Federation Account, internally generated revenue [IGR] Value Added Tax, and SURE-P.” Commissioner Danazumi, for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, who delivered the budget on behalf of ailing Governor Al-Makura, could be forgiven for not realizing that he had delivered the most unrealistic and unsustainable budget in the state’s history.

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ECOBANK: Victim of injustice — 2

The ordinary meaning of that clause would appear to have excluded the jurisdiction of any courts in any other country other than England. Why an African bank, with global stakeholders should select England for the resolution of disputes, controversies and claims between it and others need not delay us here. But, one can speculate that the integrity of British Courts must be one of the reasons. Indeed, the fact that an African Court, in any country on the continent, would entertain a case in which its jurisdiction had been specifically ousted should be an indication of the low regard disputants and litigants have for our Courts in Africa.

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Can this man ever be serious? – 2

That statement by the Minister was tucked into a report which screamed, POWER GENERATION DROPPED BY 2,042MW. The story went on to state that “Peak generation for the country as of Tuesday was out at 3,865MW, while 3,331MW was the figure for the off-peak generation.” Meanwhile, the first month of the year has come to an end and the nation is still receiving less than 4,000MW steadily, despite the lies by the PDP and the Minister’s widening credibility gap.

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