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Vision 2020 – Part 4(1)

Till today, the top twenty countries remain among the most disciplined and have the lowest tolerances for corruption and laxity. Till today no Minister in Japan, or Russia, can promise to add so many megawatts of power and fail to do so without losing his job and being black-listed permanently from public appointment.

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Vision 2020 (3)

Furthermore, we are already aware of the provisions of the 2013 budget. The totals are not much different from the aggregates for the last three to four years; which yielded 6.5-7.5% GDP growth. The Federal government itself had projected growth of 5-6% for the next year – figure which the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, IMF regard as ambitious.

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Nigerians are, as a whole, not very comfortable with quantitative analyses. Our kids fail mathematics in droves at the School Certificate level and most of us, adults, are just a little better than our young ones. Yet, the entire argument about VISION 2020:20 is a simple matter of arithmetic; not even secondary school, but, primary school stuff.

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Is Nigeria missing the age of aviation?

Ask any Nigerian if we have airlines in Nigeria and he would probably answer “yes”. And for good measure, he will list the names of existing airlines – Arik, Aero Contractor, IRS, DANA (it is still in business and we need DANA more than it needs us; believe me), Overland, Medview (which started operations in November this year) and that is almost the entire list – for a nation of 167 million people and suffering from delusions of grandeur by aspiring to become one of the top twenty economies in the world by the year 2020.

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The new debt trap courtesy Okonjo-Iweala –1

The Nigerian most dreaded might not even be the leader of Boko Haram. He and his colleagues might soon disappear like the Maitasene – the dreaded Islamic group of the I980s. Religious uprisings never last in Nigeria and have invariably been regional in scope. The worst threat to our present and future might well be Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala – the Federal Minister of Finance who has embarked on raising the nation’s debt ceiling.

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BUDGET 2013: All talk; no jobs – 2

“In modern Japan the good of the nation [is] more important than the good of the class. A poor talented and diligent boy had a chance to rise as high as he could…modern Japan was perhaps the world’s most efficient distillation system, in which remarkably little was wasted..a vital part of it was the education system: it supplied the nation with the right number of workers, the right number of engineers, and the right number of managers for every need of a modern society, but, also important, it brought to the poorest homes the sense that there were better possibilities for the children “, David Halberstam, in THE RECKONING, p 277.

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CBN Governor

AMCON, Bank lending and jobs – 1

What Ibrahim Okai said in the 1980s was true before then and still true today – especially in Nigeria. Banks according to economic principle, are the only entities established to create wealth. But, they seldom do it for the poor in most countries. In Nigeria, never. In fact, here, they prefer to lose money on rich dead-beats than to make money on small struggling business people.

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FLOODS AND FAMINE – The future is here – 1

“400,000 farms; 36,000 houses in Jigawa….in Kaduna..heavy rainfall swept away more than 300 homes..”. PUNCH, September 18, 2012.

For more than 20 years, climatologists and futurologists have warned, an obviously deaf, world, especially the leaders of the advanced economies –USA, China, Japan, all of Europe – that a major climate change was inevitable and the conse ences will be catastrophic for the entire planet.

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